How do I import playlist to Plexus Kodi?

So, my Android TV box is quite slow and crap so the only non-crashing app is only Kodi. I saw on YouTube people using something called Plexus and I tried it on my PC with a free ace stream link and it actually works! The only issue is that I have a MU3 Playlist I made with all Romanian Premium Channels for my father as he wants to see his home country television and I don’t want to use SopCast because that doesn’t even work now.

Here is a download link : 8.2 KB file on MEGA

There was a option on Plexus where you can use .torrent file but I don’t know how to make one using a MU3.

Please help me or tell me how I import playlist to Plexus OR give a suitable app (other that Ace Stream Live TV as it always crashes)

Thanks for you time :smile:

Your playlist consist of “acestream://” links. All you need to do - convert these links to “http”, and then you can play it with any player, which support HTTP streaming. Refer to Engine HTTP API - Ace Stream Wiki for more info.

For example:

should look like this:
or, if you’re using remote Ace Stream engine, like this: