Linux engine not honoring cache limit

using latest version:3.2.3 revision:be4471a

when i set the live/vod cache to disk and set the the limit the 1G, the cache keeps growing.

acestream-engine --live-cache-type disk --vod-cache-type disk --disk-cache-limit 1073741824 --state-dir /var/lib/ACEStream --log-file /var/lib/ACEStream/acestream-engine.log

 --live-disk-cache-size LIVE_DISK_CACHE_SIZE
                        Disk cache max size in bytes

the command line states that the unit is bytes, in case it is wrong and gb, i tried below still the issue is same.

acestream-engine --live-cache-type disk --vod-cache-type disk --disk-cache-limit 1 --state-dir /var/lib/ACEStream --log-file /var/lib/ACEStream/acestream-engine.log

when i set the cache to use memory then the memory is continously filled and get OOM.

how is that supposed to work?

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