Test Torrent Stream software version 1.0.6 (for Windows) (En)

We invite everybody to take part in tests of a new version of Torrent Stream software.

Release version ( 02.10.2012 )

Download by direct link

Download via torrent file

What’s new?

New function is added - Live Stream!

This function is designed to organize high-quality live broadcasts on the Internet, in Live Stream mode.

What’s special in this?

Integrated solution Torrent Stream, by the use of peer-to-peer technology, now allows you to organize on the Internet not only high-quality services AVoD (audio and video on demand), but also to organize live broadcasts in 720p and 1080p, at low cost (term “high-quality” means Full HD + steady stream at the maximum for a user’s Internet channel rate).

Establishment and maintenance of AVoD service and channels with live broadcasts, based on technology of Torrent Stream, allows you to achieve cost savings up to 99.9% in relation to all existing in the world OTT ( Over the Top ) solutions, which use a centralized delivery of data in their core.

And a little bit of PR: Today Torrent Stream software exceeds in implementation and functionality all existing analogues in the world, which use the peer-to-peer technology and in particular BitTorrent protocol in creating services AVoD, that’s why we are sure that we can present Live Stream function at the proper level and hope that our implementation will open new opportunities for many people and will bring live broadcasts on the Internet to a new level.

Go to test:

  1. Uninstall previous version of Torrent Stream software (for those, who have already installed Torrent Stream software).
    Plug-in reinstallation instruction

  2. Download and install test version Torrent Stream 1.0.6 Full. Download

Test Live Stream №2 FullHD 720p; video codec (h264/AVC) audio AAC, bit rate up to 7 Mbit/s

Attention! To participate in the test №1 you have to follow minimum requirements:

  • Speed of Internet connection must be not less than 7 Mbit/s (Please, on lower channels don’t even try to start the playback of this test, to not spoil your impression from the technology and do not mislead us, saying that something is buggy, etc.)
  • Power of your CPU must allow you to play video at the specified resolution with the appropriate bit rate by using no more than 50% of the resources. You can also try to enable option “use the accelerator” in TS Player settings (desktop player, which is included to the installation package of Torrent Stream 1.0.6 Full software), to remove the burden from CPU (this option works not with all GPU, but you should try).
  1. Playback in the web player. Go to test page http://torrentstream.org/stream/test.php or http://torrentstream.info/en/#/test/live and start the playback.

  2. Playback in the desktop player.

Option №1 Download test file (analogue/modification of a torrent file) and play it with TS Player (desktop player, which is included to the installation package of Torrent Stream 1.0.6 Full software). Download file: tslive

Copy Content ID and use it as a source, entering it into the appropriate field of the player (Media - Open Torrent Stream player). Content ID: 605a6130dcbd3ab6a892e199c2035c30e1f56039

What do we test?

The main test is to verify work of the software in the efficiency of data exchange between peers.

Information: We haven’t done any synthetic tests and have no idea how to imitate such a model. Therefore, it will be our first real test, so if something goes wrong don’t judge us and treat with understanding (if someone has knowledge and can provide us with the necessary software environment for the synthetic tests, we will be very grateful).

Important! The main broadcast is on the usual channel 100 Mbit/s, so it’s very important that settings of your equipment and your network would be able to maintain a normal output, because without a full peering, I hope you understand that, the channel will not be able to work with more than 10 people. That’s why before participating in the test bring your equipment into a state which allows distributing streams, rather than just accepting (enable UPnP in routers, set up Firewall, etc.). So, participate in the test with the maximum responsibility.

P.S. We consciously used for the test the broadcast with such high resolution and bit rate, in order to maximally limit abilities of our main outbound channel and to see how our software will cope with the distribution of streams in the task

26.06 update: http://torrentstream.org/downloads/TorrentStream_1.0.6.1.exe

Done many tests few things here

I have found ts engine when you change the port from 8621 to another port the ts engine will not return needs a reinstall
Also streaming from a 100mbit server with a rate of 1200kbps which is 1200 (kbit/s): correct? i put 1200 in the stream settings as the kbit/s is this correct?

I have noticed that the upload speed is never consistent some times its only doing 500kbps upload which really it should be doing more
Which leaves me to believe that not many peers and connecting with the broadcaster is there a way as a broadcaster to accept more connections

And is there a way to keep the same channel ID

this program has potential and i hope it gets better

Done many tests few things here

Does engine stop working after you change the port? If it does then we will check this issue.

Which OS you are starting stream from? We have different bitrate settings on Windows and Linux at the moment.

Number of connections to the broadcaster and upload speed depend on many things. Generally speaking, we are trying to reduce number of connections to the broadcaster to avoid too much load on it.

We’re working on this.

this program has potential and i hope it gets better

hello i stream from windows i guess linux needs more bits so was i correct with the 1200kbits for windows?

Also the when i did change the port the ts engine never came back no matter what i did this was on windows 7 64bit

Yes, you are correct. On Window you should set bitrate in kilobits per second.

We will check this.