Ace Player + Chromecast


Can I ask a question in English? Im from sweden and I need help.

Why can I not play acestreams with ace player + chromecast anymore?



Be more specific - “anymore” after what? What was changed last time in your hardware/software setup?

I can start a acestream with ace player and it works fine but when I use (Media-server Beta) and choose my saved channels and start remote and try to cast to chromecast it just shows a blue logo in middle of the TV screen. Last week it worked perfect but now it wont start.

Nothing was changed from our side in the last week (no any software updates) - so you should check your setup (TV settings, network connections, firewall, etc).

Okey, thanks!

I’m having the same issue. Previously I was able to cast streams to my chromecast with no problems, but for the last few days it has stopped working. I can still watch on my mobile device, but when I try to cast it, it tries to load and then fails.
I believe this started happening after the latest upgrade of the chromecast firmware, which happened around 25-04.
I am using a 1st generation chromecast which currently has firmware version 1.23.84839.
Let me know if I can provide any further information to help debug it.

You mean, after software update on your Chromecast device?

I have the same problem. Since 2 weeks ago I no longer connect to the Chromecast :frowning:

I have a Chromecast 2.

Yes, Google automatically updates the Chromecast firmware whenever a new update is released, and the last update happened around 25-04. They might have done something in the update that has caused ace stream to stop working with Chromecast.

Ok, thanks - we’re working on this issue, but preliminary tests shows nothing so far.

UPDATE: I was just able to successfully load an acestream from a different provider. The problem seems to only be happening with ArenaVision links. Perhaps it’s a problem with the particular decoder they use. I can provide some links if it helps.

I have same issue after updating firmware

If somebody could pass some links, not from Arenavision it would be great.


Nobody posted any reply, but the problem is still there.

It seems that the issue is only happening with ArenaVision links, I can confirm that.

If I take an acestream link from other sides and add it into the media server list, then it works fine with chromecast.

This is also happening with the last Ace Stream player version for windows …

And how can we solve problem which not within our reach? =)

Jokes aside, this is not ArenaVision issue, but rather issue with Chromecast device itself - those devices supports very limited set of video/audio codecs, so playback will fail on each codec they don’t support.

Only way to solve this issue - total (re)conversion of video/audio with Chromecast compliant codecs, but this not an option in most cases (too slow, too expensive, etc).

Bottom line - we can’t really help with this issue, only some recommendations (see attached images).

  1. Media server settings for better compatibility with Chromecast devices
  2. Use our “P2P search” web browser extension or any third-party P2P search services - most sport events is covered by different channels at the same time, so if you have troubles with ArenaVision links, you may try alternate sources with “P2P search”.

I can’t send the content to Chromecast.
Before paying the subscription, I did it without problem. Automatically after paying, when trying to do so, the following notice “cannot connect try once more” appears.

Free or paid plan do not relevant to Chromecast streaming. Please, be more specific about your setup - from which device/OS you’re trying to cast, and to which Chromecast device (i.e. Google Chromecast gen 1,2/HD or Chromecast-compatible device, like Android Smart TV or Xiaomi Mi Box).

I have contracted the subscription because when sending content to the Chromecast, after a few minutes of broadcast, a notice appeared saying: to continue you must subscribe.
My mobile device is a Redmi 9AT and the Android operating system.
The Chromecast I use is from Google.

Try to restart both Chromecast and Ace Stream app, and make sure that both of your devices connected to the same WiFi network.

I have only one wifi network. Both devices connect to the same. And I have rebooted both devices multiple times.
ace sream gives random errors when working with chromecast.