Ace stream chromecast can't enter content id anymore after update

The option to paste a content id in ace stream on chromecast has disappeared since yesterday!?

Same here, on two tvs I only show my account or the settings.

Is it known if and when this will be resolved?

In the next release of the Android TV application, there will be the capability to add ContentID as well as other URLs, including magnet links and direct links to content from more than 70 popular video hosting platforms.This can be done in a simpler and more convenient way from any of your devices, using a standard web browser without the need to install the app on your phone, tablet, or PC

Thanks for the reply Constantin.
For the record, i am talking about the ace stream app on Google tv on Chromecast.
Is this also what you mean and do you perhaps know when the next release reaches us?

Yes, I was referring to the TV application. And it’s already happened! The app version is available for installation from the Google Play Store.

Please give us your feedback - do you like it, or is there something we’ve overlooked?

On both my phone and my TV , new version do not load interface after second time it is opened. I see only a black screen with a white clock turning for eternity…

Ok erasing cache and data seem to have resolved the issue. But please look into it, it should start well without the user erasing data after installing and opening the app just once.

If the application doesn’t launch on either your phone or TV, it seems to be a one-in-a-million occurrence, and we will consider releasing a TV box where it will run without fail

I have installed the update and it works again, and better than ever. Thanks.

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