Ace-stream not working on Windows 10 or 11 x64

I installed Ace_Stream_Media_3.1.28 on win 10 x64 several times but i cant play from acestreams links.

Ace engine not starting.

Here is the Log

According to log, engine has trouble with crypto module when creating keys pair.
Please, describe your setup (software/hardware), did you have some third-party/dev SSL tools installed?

I didn’t install any SSL tools,but i don’t know if any installed with windows. its fresh setup-ed Windows 2 weeks old.
I have 2 BitTorrent client and some win utility software and few Games installed.
How can i check it or if i need any SSL tools to install.

In the our case it’s opposite - no any third-party SSL software should be installed.

And their names is?
We already have similar issue (user with Windows 7, failed to describe own software setup). This error is really rare, so we can only guess what cause it, and first “suspect” is some third-party software.

Windows 10 x64 Pro

Torrent = Bitcomet and Qtorrent,
Browser = Chrome and Firefox,
Editing = Adobe CC master,
Utility = Revo Uninstaller, Escribe, HD Tune Pro,
Games = Rage, Crisis 2, Fortnite,
Media = MPC-HC, Groove

Try to remove those clients, then run AceStream and after this you can install them again (regardless of our app run status).

I uninstalled both of them but didn’t work.
Then I reinstalled the acestream but again not working.
I didn’t install Torrent clients now.
I uploaded the log. 1st one is before reinstall and 2nd one is after.

According to logs, nothing changes so far, looks like this guess is wrong.
Can’t help you right now, sorry - may be, we find something useful later.

Today after Windows 10 installed updates ace_engine.exe does not start anymore. It creates a dump file in the engine directory after ecery attempt to start it.
Please help to make it run again!

Look at this screenshot - Imgur: The magic of the Internet - beta “worldwide unicode support” must be “uncheck”.

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Can some one help me with, how to fix starting problems on my Ace stream media center?

look at the message above - Ace-stream not working on windows 10 x64

Many, many thanks for the fast and correct answer.

Some streams in a .m3u not playing. App freeze when click play button.

Ace Stream HD 3.1.32
Ace Player 2.2.7
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3700 @ 1.60GHz 1.60 GHz
4,00 GB (3,83 GB usable)
Region/Unicode setting unchecked.

Thank to you!

Здравия! Проблема возникла из неоткуда. ОС Windows 11, устанавливаю Ace Stream 3.1.74, инсталлируется без ошибок, создает ярлыки, FINISH. После этого запускаю Ace Stream Media Center и иконка должна “висеть” в трее, но её там нет. Запускаю диспетчер задач, повторяю запуск Ace Stream Media Center, вижу на мгновение служба запускается и тут же останавливается. В брандмауэре разрешения включены. Сторонних защит нету.
Как запустить Ace Stream Media Center?

Это что-то локальное. Во первых, см. лог “защитника Виндовс” при установке Ace Stream, во вторых - системный лог (“Просмотр событий”) и лог самого Ace Stream при запуске. Так же см. Ace-stream not working on windows 10 x64 - #10 от пользователя Benny

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Благодарю! Только, если не сложно, напишите где их искать. Кстати, когда запускаю движок, появляется файл с расширением dmp

Имя сбойного приложения: ace_engine.exe, версия:, метка времени: 0x542c245b
Имя сбойного модуля: wxbase28uh_vc.dll, версия:, метка времени: 0x4e2114a2
Код исключения: 0xc0000005
Смещение ошибки: 0x0003c623
Идентификатор сбойного процесса: 0x4d4
Время запуска сбойного приложения: 0x01da132205042e0f
Путь сбойного приложения: C:\Users\440\AppData\Roaming\ACEStream\engine\ace_engine.exe
Путь сбойного модуля: C:\Users\440\AppData\Roaming\ACEStream\engine\lib\wxbase28uh_vc.dll
Идентификатор отчета: c40114c1-6c75-4d5c-b730-504658380680
Полное имя сбойного пакета:

Тема закрыта. Ace вылечен! Примите огромную благодарность!