Ace Stream with VLC 2.0.5 problems


I recently installed a new graphic card on my pc (Asus R7 250 1GB GDDR5) and since then i have issues using Ace Stream with VLC 2.0.5. When the video is full screen i can’t use the right mouse button, the mouse scroll for controlling the volume and to leave the full screen i have to repeatedly press, like 10 times, the left mouse button or the ESC button. Also the video playback is very laggy when not on full screen. On full screen it’s playing ok except the issues i mentioned above and If i do dual monitors i am getting huge lag if i do anything on the 2nd monitor, even if i open task manager. The problem occurs no matter if i play acestream id or video file from my hdd.

  • I have the latest drivers for my gpu and the latest version of acestream.
  • i downloaded vlc 2.0.5 (just vlc, not with acestream) to check if i have the same issues but there was no problems.
  • tried acestream with vlc 1.1.12 and there was no problems, but i would like to use with 2.0.5

Any suggestions how to resolve this?