Acestream and Raspberry Pi

Hello guys, i have acestream configured with kodi. Whenever i stream something the stream will crash after 2-5 minutes. I cant figure out what the problem is

Linux distro/version, Ace stream engine version and log files?

By “i stream something” - do you mean using Ace Stream as client (for watching third-party broadcasts), or as server (creating your own broadcasts)?

there is a fix for RPi2/3. It basically works like this:

Get into the command line of your raspberry pi (for OSMC you can do this by repeatedly pressing Ctrl when the osmc logo shows during the boot sequence).

Enter username and pass if required (for OSMC: username: osmc, pass: osmc).

Type in the following lines in order:

cd ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/program.plexus

sudo rm -r acestream

tar xfv acestream_rpi_3.1.5.tar.gz


Hope this helps!

hello, guys. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with the new 64bit Os. I am using the latest Kodi available in the repos: Version: 2:19.3-1~bullseye I was wondering on how I can install Acestream-engine for Kodi on it. I been looking on google but i can’t really find a tutorial.

There no official Linux version of Ace Stream engine for ARM yet, but you can try third-party mods - Telegram: Contact @AceStreamMOD