Acestream don't open due to Adblock, even with the adblock exception

Before it opened, but since a few days ago it doesn’t open. I made the exception for the domains it ask, but the following window always appears.

(Acestream – Google Диск)

How yo can see, both domains of acestream are free of the adblock, and there should not be problems

Hello recently I’ve been having problems with Ace Player HD, when I click on a link to open a stream a smaller player turns up loading inside the Ace Player HD and as a result it keeps saying starting then error please try again later and message comes up about adblock even though I’ve disabled it on, it’s only just happened last few days, please can you tell me how to fix this and using Win 11 and downloaded latest version and was working yesterday after I did that but not today. Thanks



This can be false positive in cases when Ace Stream resource blocked at ISP level (Spain/Portugal for example). Please, provide us more information about your location/ISP.

Hello thanks for reply this has only started last week or so, I’m in Sydney Australia and I’m with TPG. Do you need to update both VLC player and Ace Player HD because when I click on about on Ace Player HD it refers to the Videolan site? Any help appreciated I don’t know what to do.

One other thing the smaller player open up seems to be connected to browser.

Looks like you’re using free ‘Basic’ plan of Ace Stream (assuming that forum e-mail and Ace Stream login are same), but we don’t see any logon attempts from your e-mail.
You may try to request password reset via Ace Stream - this action will reset your password for “Ace Stream” services only - enter your google address there and wait for email with resetting link. Then you can setup your login (email) and new password in the app settings (right click on Ace Stream icon in the system tray, ‘Options’) and check again - will app still complain about “ADs blocker” or not.

As last resort, you can try to downgrade Ace Stream version, see this message - Внимание! Если у вас что-то не работает - #1263 от пользователя Benny

I faced the same problem. reinstall to the latest stable version didn’t help.
But 3.2.0-beta works! I suggest to use this version:

2 ALL - 3.2.8 version of Ace Stream is released. Please update your installation and check for false positive adblock and “Loading…” issues.