AceStream for MacBook Pro (Mac OS)

Dear AceStream

I have tried many different emulators on Mac (Wine, Winebottler, WineSkin, MicroXP) etc to make AceStream run on Mac OS. It’s difficult with many bugs, and when you get the program to run, it won’t start the links, recent problems is that it is impossible to paste the link into AceStream, and get any streams running.

I think this software you have made is great. Is it by possible that you could make a version for Mac OS, there are many users on Mac that would like to use AceStream.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Try Crossover.

CrossOver does not work.
Is there going to be a Mac version of AceStream? There is already VLC player for Mac.

No, they are not going to make a Mac version of AceStream. Some user from Habrahabr asked the same question two years ago. No clear answer has been given to us, yet.

You can try creating a VM (by using Oracle VirtualBox or something like that) with Windows XP and using AceStream from under it.

Crossover is not working with the newer versions after, as the ACE Engine failed to start up. Please help to fix it. Or please instruct us how to start ACE Engine manually?

In ACE Engine can start up by itself by starting ACE Player

Ace Stream 3 don’t works in Wine because there is no WinAPI GetProcessTimes function.
I have fixed code and re-compiled Wine.
Here is my patch for Wine
This file should be replaced in Wine folder.
Now Ace Stream 3.01 is working!
I was disappointed that CMD+Q hot key is not working in Ace Player.
And also engine wasn’t started correctly.
Thats why I developed application that start one by one ace engine and ace player and it enable CMD+Q and CTRL+Q hotkeys to quit player.
If you close Ace Player, than my app automatically close engine.
If you press CMD+Q than player and engine will be closed and cache folder cleared.
But if you close Ace Player by close button, than cache will not be cleared.
Here is url to my app
It should be added to Wine as startup app.

I have made torrent with working 3.0.2

Additionally, for content ID from any site using

используйте sodaplayer Чтобы узнать больше о sodaplayer, пожалуйста, проверьте этот сайт.

There is a ready solution, Televisor player for mac, look for it on the website macupdate.

Hi guys,

Please update Ace Stream for Mac Catalina.

Kind regards,