Announcement! ACE Stream – New era of TV and Internet broadcasting

<p>The best software in the world for online playback of audio/video content in BitTorrent networks, proven with millions of users in a pilot project, <a href="" target="_blank">Torrent Stream</a>, will be available soon for professional use and commercial exploration!</p>

<p>For a long time our innovative software allowed users of <a href="" target="_blank">Torrent Stream</a> System to enjoy high-quality playback many times greater than the level of audio-visual quality of all existing VoD (Video on Demand) broadcasts performed on OTT (Over the Top) systems that use a centralized system of storing and delivering content. </p>

<p>Testing TS System in a decentralized mode, with no central servers to support streams, provided the best economic effect — a cost of storing and delivering content equal to zero! Before ACE Stream products were released there were more than 100 million online views, with the total number of traffic consumed exceeding 300 petabytes. A VoD service relying solely on standard CDN operators would experience traffic alone costs of more than $30 million (based on an average cost of services $0.1 for 1GB of traffic). </p>

<p>More than two years of testing, constant improvement, and results have allowed us to present you with a new product opening incredible, innovative features in Internet broadcasting while providing the most reliable and efficient system for storing and delivering content.</p>

<p>We are pleased to introduce you to ACE Stream, combining a huge number of innovative and effective solutions for:</p>

	<li>Operators of Over the Top (OTT) services, as well as direct developers of software platforms for such services.</li>
	<li>TV channels</li>
	<li>Organizers of webinars/distance education</li>
	<li>Internet services using Audio and Video on Demand (AvoD) functions and Live Stream</li>
	<li>Social networks and video hosting</li>
	<li>Content providers/distributors of audio and video</li>
	<li>CDN operators</li>
	<li>VPN services </li>
	<li>Internet providers </li>
	<li>Developers of software players and media-centers</li>
	<li>Producers of SmartPhones, TV consoles, TV sets, and any other gadgets with multimedia player and Internet access. </li>

<p><i>ACE Stream - outstanding audio-visual quality for Internet online broadcasts, with the lowest cost of storing and delivering content!</i></p>

<p><b>P2P CDN</b></p>

<p><b>ACE Stream</b> is a peering system/network of storing and delivering multimedia content of a new generation. </p>

<p><b>What does ACE Stream technology provide?</b> </p>

	<li>The best audio-visual quality for online broadcasts (Live Stream) and AVoD (Audio and Video on Demand) on the Internet.</li>
	<li>Quick project start and efficient scalability.</li>
	<li>The lowest cost of storing and delivering content.</li>
	<li>The highest level of stream stability, which cannot be achieved by standard methods of CDN.</li>
	<li>Elimination of last mile problem. </li>
	<li>Possibility to perform a global streaming (broadcast from one point to any other in the world) without involving CDN operators. </li>
	<li>Maximum audience coverage.</li>
	<li>No need for player and media center restrictions while playing copyright content.</li>
	<li>Respect and protection of copyrights and all commercial interests using BitTorrent protocol in CDN architecture (any model of monetization - advertising, subscriptions, one-time access, etc) will be unchanged and protected in the most reliable way, allowing full use advantage of P2P and BitTorrent protocol in particular.</li>
	<li>Convenient innovative mechanism for rebroadcasting TV channels, with a new and effective model for managing licensing rights:
			<li>Obtaining accurate statistics on views and audience of online TV channels while considering all sources of rebroadcasting</li>
			<li>Ability to build effective conditions for the sale of rebroadcast TV channel rights, obtaining accurate statistics on the number of operator subscribers, and gaining access to channel broadcasts</li>
			<li>Control over rebroadcast access rights in real time with ability to limit access to broadcast under terms of given licenses to rebroadcast - the number of subscribers of the licensee, geo/ip and other terms</li>
	<li>Ability to create new, innovative products and services. </li>
	<li>IOTT (Interactive-Over-The-Top) creation of interactive broadcast services.</li>
	<li>Decentralized social component.</li>
	<li>Additional sources of income without additional investments.</li>
	<li>Ability to localize incoming foreign BitTorrent traffic within Internet provider networks more than on 90%. </li>
	<li>A unique feature that allows you to show promotional video in FullHD (720p and 1080p) without delay (leaving for buffering), even if the speed of the Internet channel is lower than promotional video bit rate.</li>

<p><i>And this is just a part of what ACE Stream provides!</i> </p>

<p><b>Overview of main product and technology</b> </p>

<p><b>ACE Stream HD - Manager of multimedia streams (the main product).</b></p>

<p><b>ACE Stream HD</b> is a specialized product, designed as a universal cross-platform software application.  Our product performs the role of a node in the peering system/network of storing and delivering content, with a function of autonomous control and adaptive distribution of multimedia data streams. 

(Universal means that the same application can be used for both server and client, while still performing different functions and tasks).</p>

<p>ACE Stream HD uses technology based on P2P (peer-to-peer), developed on the basis of BitTorrent protocol, which is acknowledged as the most effective protocol for transmission/delivery of heavy content! At the same time, this product provides the maximum level of content protection against unauthorized distribution, allowing you to use BitTorrent protocol for commercial use with any model of monetization (advertising, subscriptions, one-time access, etc).</p>

<p><b>Server side</b></p>

<p>The server application is necessary for providing work of certain service functions: </p>

<p><b>1.	Live Stream </b></p>

	<li>Application works as a source of live broadcast in the peering network.</li>
	<li>Application works as a support node providing necessary scalability for the live broadcast.</li>

<p><b>2.	 P2P Proxy Stream</b></p>

<p>Ability of substitution/transformation of P2P-traffic into HTTP/HTTPS or any other within a trice (the change of data transfer protocols will be implemented instantly in real time)! This function allows you to receive data on the node/server via BitTorrent, or simultaneously via multiple network protocols (HTTP + BitTorrent), and pass them still further as needed. </p>

<p><b>Application options:	</b></p>

	<li>This feature allows creation of various, comfortable, and efficient models of CDN construction. For example, transfer of data between CDN nodes is performed using P2P via BitTorrent, while data is delivered to the consumer from the closest nodes via HTTP or any other protocol.  The reverse substitution and transformation can also be used from HTTP to BitTorrent, or using different mixed modes of multithreading - receiving data simultaneously via several HTTP protocols + BitTorrent, and transferring via still another protocol.</li>
	<li>Extension of service capabilities of VPN operators. This feature allows VPN operators to provide their users with a new innovative service that allows playing online audio and video content distributed by BitTorrent-network (transport files such as torrents, tstream, acelive, acestream, as well as magnet-links such as Swarm and Content ID) via HTTP/HTTPS or another convenient for the client protocol without any need to wait or implementation of a full pre-load of content on their servers.</li>
<p>The most important advantage of this feature is a unique opportunity to perform in real time transformation of P2P traffic into HTTP or other. This function works for transmission of audio/video content online and has no comparison in the world!</p>

<p><b>Client side</b></p>

<p>One of the main functions of the client application ACE Stream HD is <b>multithreading</b>. This is an innovative mechanism of adaptive distribution of multimedia data streams.  It provides a combination on client (user's device) packages/pieces of data, coming together from different sources via different network protocols (including BitTorrent) to form a single and stable stream of data at the user's maximum Internet channel speed. </p>

<p>Another important feature is a mechanism of multicast and decentralized stream support whereby each client application works not only in client's mode, receiving the stream, but also in server mode, sending the stream to other clients, and acting as a full network node of content delivery. </p>

<p>ACE Stream HD also provides an effective system of decentralized storage of data, carrying out long-term caching of audio and video content on the user's device.  This allows to use client application as a full support node for VoD services during and after user content playback. This longer period of caching allows maximum opportunities and resources of use, thereby significantly reducing the cost of VoD services in comparison with those applying another technology and model of P2P.  An example is RTMFP protocol from Adobe, which was not designed to provide creation of the necessary effective cache, which makes P2P function from Adobe Flash absolutely not effective and almost useless for VoD services.  In simple, <a href="" target="_blank">RTMFP does not enable swarming solutions! </a></p>

<p><img src="" /></p>

<p><b>Advantages of using ACE Stream over other centralized CDN models:</b></p>

	<li><b>Quick start and efficient scalability.</b> Expensive and specialized equipment are not required! Quick and easy installation of software, almost on any server, allows you to organize broadcasts and connect the required number of servers/nodes of support in hot mode (during the broadcast) in the shortest time. Software unfolds over the standard CDN, without changing the network architecture or violating the main path of traffic, allowing you to effectively use the functional possibilities of ACE Stream, improving the work of already established and operating CDN models. Additional features and even greater effect can be achieved by using a unique new feature, P2P Proxy Stream.</li>
	<li><b>Multithreading</b>, the ability of simultaneous transmission of data to the client from different sources/nodes via different network protocols, with their transformation/combination on the client into a single stream.

		<i>For example, if the content is distributed from multiple network addresses via http protocol, as well as through P2P network via BitTorrent protocol, then using this feature, the recipient/client can specify several sources (HTTP server №1 + HTTP server №2 + HTTP server №3 + P2P), and the client software will receive by their own request, pieces/packages from the most efficient source. In this scheme HTTP serves only as a support, but an entire priority is given for P2P!</i>
	<li><b>The best method of redistributing sources/nodes between users.</b> Using ACE Stream, you do not have to install expensive and complicated systems that provide redirection of user requests to the closest and less loaded nodes/servers. Just specify the pool of nodes/servers of support in a particular area of the traffic exchange, and the client application itself will receive data packages from the pool of specified nodes/servers in the most effective way.</li>
	<li><b>Steady stream.</b> The multiplicity of sources, in conjunction with multithreading modes, as well as excellent resistance of the technology to package loss, provides a high level of stability of the stream, which cannot be provided by any existing CDN operator.</li>
	<li><b>Problem of the last mile is solved!</b> The technology of data delivery ACE Stream does not depend on the geographic location CDN operator servers, thus solving the problem of the last mile.</li>
	<li><b>The low cost of storing and delivering content.</b> Creation and maintenance of AVoD services and channels with live broadcasts (Live Stream) when using ACE Stream solution in architecture, allows you to achieve cost savings up to 99.9% compared to all existing world CDN models.</li>
	<li><b>Minimal burden on central servers.</b> Low burden on central servers/nodes is achieved by reallocating requests between user/client nodes.</li>
	<li><b>Highly reliable data storage.</b> Geographically distributed storage of data in encrypted form. </li>
	<li><b>The fastest, easiest and most reliable way to create global streaming.</b> There is no more need to collect a pool of CDN operators from all over the world to provide a reliable stream and quality audiovisual level of broadcasts/shows for users in different countries.</li>

<p><i>ACE Stream turns inside out the standard CDN model, turning it into a hybrid CDN where central operator nodes now operate as support servers only, and all the main traffic is distributed between consumers, providing the best level of stream stability with a large cost reduction for content delivery. </i></p>

<p><b>Key features and basic functionality of ACE Stream HD:</b></p>

	<li><b>Universal cross-platform software solution.</b></li>
	<li><b>Live Stream function and AVoD</b> (audio and video on demand).</li>
	<li><b>Creation of transport files .acelive and .acestream</b> for a convenient and effective distribution of publications of audiovisual materials in Live Stream and AvoD modes on the Internet.</li>
	<li><b>ACE Stream API</b> (opened API). Easy integration of functions and capabilities of ACE Stream HD into any web service and desktop software product. ACE Stream API allows use of technology and capabilities of ACE Stream with web-players based on Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, DivX, VLC Plugin, GStreamer, etc., as well as with any desktop software product; applications for personal computers such as VLC, TheKMPlayer, MPlayer, XBMC, GStreamer, etc.; with players of set-top boxes, STB, Xbox, Wii, Play Station, etc.; with SmartTV systems, etc., etc.  All without the need to change the architecture of functioning internet services and/or produced software products. </li>
	<li><b>Universal application!</b> The same application can work in either client or server mode. 

		<i>This feature allows creating web services where users, using their own resources, will be able to organize high quality broadcasts and display online videos to each other, even without using server and transport capacity of web-service, or simply as a support.</i>
	<li><b>Decentralized or partially decentralized storage and delivery of multimedia data.</b></li>
	<li><b>Encryption of cache.</b> Encryption of cached data using 128 bit key, providing protection against unauthorized use of copyright content.</li>
	<li><b>The ability to use an additional protection of copyright content.</b> Considering that ACE Stream HD application performs only the function of the distribution and stream control, and can be integrated with any player including those that have DRM support, there are no restrictions on the use of additional DRM as long as such DRM can be used to transfer data via HTTP protocol.</li>
	<li><b>P2P Proxy Stream function</b> (see description above).</li>
	<li><b>Adaptive streaming</b> provides an adaptation of data transfer speed, defining speed of incoming video stream, then automatically selecting the appropriate stream that is optimal for the speed of user Internet connection (for this function a publisher has to prepare content in several formats with different levels of quality). </li>
	<li><b>Adaptive dynamic streaming for Live Stream broadcasts</b> provides user with a smooth, continuous playback of streaming video, regardless of unstable Internet connection speed, instantly changing the stream.</li>
	<li><b>Integrated advertising module</b> is a solution for publishers/content providers that use an advertising model for VoD services.  It is presented in the form of a specialized control unit of promotional video, which is integrated into ACE Stream HD application on the program level. Used standards of video ads, VAST and VPAID, and formats of video ads, Pre-roll and Post-roll.

		Now any player - web-player or desktop player, multimedia server or Smart TV or even a microwave with a screen and network output - that uses direct or mediated ACE Stream functions, automatically becomes an advertising channel for a publisher of content. The publisher does not need to worry about how and where the user plays his content, because any playback of video, offline or online, from any sources and on any devices, will be accompanied by promotional materials from the publisher. And, this ad cannot be blocked!
	<li><b>Ad Magic HD</b> is a unique, almost magical feature allowing you to carry out promotional video in FullHD (720p and 1080p), without delays, even if the speed of the user's Internet channel is lower than the bit rate of video ads.

		Ad Magic HD is the only function in the world guaranteed to provide playback of promotional video materials in FullHD without slowing for buffering interruptions.

		<i>High-quality video ads are very important elements providing the success of an advertising campaign! Low quality or frequent stops for buffering will not cause anything except a negative user attitude for such advertising. It's better not to release video ads on the Internet than to release it in low quality and to not be confident that it will be shown to the user without interruptions.</i>
	<li><b>System for authenticating users</b> allows publishers control over permissions to their content.</li>
	<li><b>Universal user ID.</b> 

		<i>User only has to register once in ACE Stream system to get a single universal identifier (UserID), which can be used for identification on any AVoD or OTTV (Television-Over-The-Top) services providing services, based on ACE Stream HD technology, and requiring mandatory registration.

		Registration in ACE Stream system is not obligatory! This feature is optional, as an additional convenience for users who use several different services.</i>
	<li><b>Statistics and analytics.</b></li>
	<li><b>Social Life</b> is a functional component allowing you to create and organize on the basis of the application a decentralized social system of ratings, messages and comments, recommendations, user moderation of informational materials that accompany audio/video content, etc. (<i>in fact, this is a decentralized wiki</i>).</li>

<p><b>ACE Stream Media media-platform and its basic components</b></p>

<p>For OTT operators and any other services that use functions of AVoD and Live Stream we prepared a comprehensive solution called ACE Stream Media.</p>

<p>ACE Stream Media is an innovative, new generation media-platform, with a decentralized distribution system of storing and delivering content, designed to create high-quality internet services with AvoD functions (audio and video on demand) and Live Streaming, with an extensive social and interactive component (IOTT).</p>

<p><b>Basic components of ACE Stream Media platform:</b> </p>

<p><b>Server side</b> </p>

	<li><b>Software application ACE Stream HD</b> can work as: 
			<li>source of live broadcast </li>
			<li>node/server of live broadcast support </li>
			<li>P2P Proxy Stream</li>
	<li><b>ACE Stream API</b> with documentation, examples, and ready solutions. </li>
<p><b>Client side</b> </p>

	<li><b>Software application ACE Stream HD</b> can work simultaneously as: 
			<li>live broadcast source</li>
			<li>live broadcast support node/server</li>
			<li>home media server</li>
	<li><b>ACE Stream Multimedia Plug-in</b> for web browsers is similar to such plug-ins as Flash, Silverlight, DivX, etc., but using libvlc library (the base of VLC - one of the most popular desktop players in the world). This plug-in brings all power of VLC on web pages, allowing users to plunge into the world of high-quality audio and video without leaving the site pages. Web-player, based on ACE Stream Multimedia Plug-in, is the most functional web-player in the world with lots of possibilities for web-services developers and users!</li>
	<li><b>ACE Player HD</b> is a desktop version of the multimedia plug-in, based on VLC, which in addition to its basic multimedia functions, also allows the user to play online audio and video files via transport files (.acelive, . acestream, .torrent, .tstream) or special protocols/links, which are provided by the publisher/author of the content.</li>

<p><b>Additional advertising features for the basic configuration of ACE Stream Media platform:</b></p>

<p><b>Ads during a pause</b> - the ability to publish interactive ad spots, prepared in HTML5 or Flash, which will be displayed in the user's player when he presses on pause. This ad spot will be very effective for companies engaged in selling goods and services on the Internet. For example, the user, without leaving the player window and Full Screen mode, will be able to buy an interesting discount coupon and continue watching the video.</p>

<p><b>Note:</b>  All client products can be styled by request, taking into account elements of the service's brand, which uses ACE Stream Media platform.</p>

<p><b>Exclusive complete set of ACE Stream Media platform by order!</b>  ACE Stream Media Platform can be completed by order based on interests and wishes of customers. For example, the support of web-players on HTML5 can be enabled, and instead of VLC, another player or full-featured media-center, such as XBMC, can be included to the package, or even a full market of products including ready hardware solutions, such as set-top boxes to TV sets, can be prepared in order not to limit the user in his choice and providing him with a wide range of different products.</p>

<p><b><i>ACE Stream opens a new era in TV and Internet broadcasting!</i></b></p>

<p>We will continue to publish posts with more detailed description of features which can be provided by ACE Stream directly for: TV channels, Internet providers, video hosting, etc.</p>

<p>Preliminary applications for using technology and ACE Stream software send on </p>

<p><b>P.S.</b> With ACE Stream release we will open our doors for investors. So all people, who are interested in taking part in investment activities of the project, send your preliminary applications with your contacts on or, and as soon as we have invest proposition you will be able to look at it before everybody else or we will contact you even earlier for a preliminary discussion of acceptable for you options of invest-models and conditions.</p>

<p><b>P.P.S.</b> After ACE Stream release Torrent Stream project will continue its development, but only as a separate direction providing only organizational activity with such tasks and functions as: “audio and video content legalization in peering (BitTorrent) networks”. All software will be published under ACE Stream brand and will be used also for purposes and tasks of Torrent Stream.</p>

<p>All previously installed Torrent Stream software will be supported via auto update and there will be no need to replace it urgently on ACE Stream (initially, the main technical distinction will be in the cache system which will allow to set our users free from such legal concepts as “storing” and “distribution”, while allowing them to be full users/participants of BitTorrent networks).</p>

<p>We also hope that the release of professional version of our software and new tools for developers allowing to get maximum autonomy and independence from our server infrastructure will attract maximum number of torrent trackers to participation in Torrent Stream System, thus increasing chances for all to get ability of legal and free exchange of films and music via BitTorrent network.</p>