Big release (release of version 3.1)!

Dear users!

We are glad to inform you about a new version of Ace Stream software 3.1.

About some major innovations and functionality of the version 3.1

1. Support of HLS format

2. Ability to play content in web browsers that do not have support of NPAPI plug-ins, via players, created on the basis of Flash and/or HTML5 technologies

3. «Proxy-server» was added

This is a premium function/option that allows you to play online content from P2P-networks (via BitTorrent protocol and/or AceStream) in any convenient for you players, including web players based on Flash and HTML5, and on any devices (SmartTV, TV set-top boxes, iPad, iPhone, etc.) that support appropriate codecs and broadcasting standards of HTTP and/or HLS.

Note: you can learn more in «Proxy-server» section (entrance via menu of «Ace Stream HD» program and/or via «Ace Stream Media Center» label).

4. Additional communication system, based on WebRTC, in which new technology/communication capabilities were added, was released:

4.1. Using an optional transport protocol SCTP over UDP, as an addition to TCP (they work simultaneously, in a mixed mode).

4.2. Traffic encryption – DTLS. All transmitted through SCTP over UDP data will be encrypted and is protected by Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS). DTLS is derived from SSL, i.e. transmitted data will be just as safe as using a standard SSL connection.

4.3. NAT traversal – via Interactive Connectivity Establishment, ICE.

These new solutions, along with the already existing, will ensure a more effective work of peering (data exchange between peers), whether user has opened or closed port, his Internet provider cuts or do not cut bittorrent-traffic, and, of course, they will significantly improve the level of safety when using Ace Stream.

5. Broadcasting improved functions

  • Ability to organize broadcasts, with closed ports (via webrtc).
  • Automatic detection of the bit rate (optional).
  • Ability to organize broadcasts under the scheme (HLS + P2P), by adding links to HLS stream and/or importing a playlist in m3u format with a list of HLS-broadcasts, followed by auto-update and automatic check of the work of streams/broadcasts that it contains.
  • Export of your broadcasts via playlist in m3u format.

6. Support of Magnet-links and ability to play content by infohash of torrent-file is included


For maximum convenience and possibility of using Ace Stream for playing content on all sorts of devices (SmartTV, Ipad, Roku and others) we prepared plug-in for media server Plex ( ).

Plug-in for Plex:
(instruction how to install plug-in for Plex: Tutorial: Install Plugins to PLEX Media Server! (PC) [HD] - YouTube. Next, after installing plug-in, specify a link to the playlist from proxy-server in settings of Ace Stream channel).

Information for developers:

HTTP API: Engine HTTP API - Ace Stream Wiki

Additional page with documentation and examples: Ace Stream - Test HTTP API.

Attention! All web masters, please, use our new JS to test new functions (playing broadcasts in flash-player and launch broadcasts in desktop players), that is relevant for users of browsers where support of NPAPI plug-ins is disabled.

Link to a demo page with instructions, on the example of using JS on torrent-tv resource: