Broadcasting (organization of your own live broadcasts based on TS)


For Windows

Use “Broadcasting” option from the menu of TS client application to create your own channel with live broadcasting.

Meaning of parameters:

Broadcast name. It’s better to use Latin letters and digits without special characters and spaces.
Example: mychannel

Broadcast source. This has to be a link to HTTP stream with an encapsulation of MPEG-TS.

Medium bitrate of the stream in Kbit/s.
Example: 100 KB/s = 800 Kbit/s

Piece length
Piece length in bytes. By default value is Auto – piece length will be chosen automatically depending on specified bitrate.

List of additional trackers, which will support the distribution.
Trackers must be specified one per line. If this field is empty then only local tracker, which is launched automatically at the start of broadcasting, will be used.

Port on which broadcasting source will receive incoming connections. By default port 7764 is used.

External IP-address of a computer, from which the broadcasting is launched.
You have to fill this field if the broadcasting is launched from the computer, which is connected to the Internet through a router. To find out your external IP-address you can use one of specialized services, for example,

For Ubuntu and Debian

[b]Instruction[b] :


Attention! (for all broadcasters). In order to reduce load on the local tracker and improve the process of connecting new users to the broadcast you are encouraged to use additional trackers when creating new stream.

On Ubuntu and Debian it can be done with the parameter “–trackers”,
which accepts a comma separated list of trackers:
tsengine-stream … --trackers

On Windows you just need to specify trackers in the appropriate field.

hello admin does it matter if i encode the ts stream with any vlc version or use the modified vlc version ?

You can use any VLC version for streaming.


Transition from versions 2.0.х to version 2.1 and higher

From September, 10, 2013, upgraded version of the engine (2.1.6) for Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS is available.

A new version is available for testing at links specified on wiki

In the repository old versions are available so far (2.0.8.)

Before using a new version for full, we recommend to test it on one or several broadcasts, if possible.

If you face any problems, please, write here, at the forum, in this topic or on email

Old versions are temporarily available in repository and by direct links.

ATTENTION! In the nearest future support for older versions will be stopped.

IMPORTANT! All broadcasts created via new version of Ace Stream (2.1 and higher) are not suppported by client software of old versions (2.0.х and lower). If you attempt to watch a new broadcast using the old engine, an error “Cannot load transport file” will appear.

Links to Wiki:

Transition from versions 2.0.х to version 2.1 and higher

Changes in launch parameters