Can we seed the live stream

I was looking at the tracker and i saw torrent file
with a file size of 5gb can we seed this with utorrent? i did try and open it with ut but was getting an
bencoding error

You cannot seed this torrent with uTorrent or any other torrent client because it’s encrypted and can be used by our software only.
But we offer a piece of software which is called “support node”. It’s supposed to run on different servers to support good seeding for the stream. On linux it’s called “tsengine-node”.

thanks and how do we do this on windows

where can we download "Support node thanks

does this software let other people seed the source

To seed from Windows you should just start watching live stream using our software from the machine which is supposed to be a “support node”. Every client (the user who watches live stream) is actually a support node for other people, because each client uploads data to other peers.