Cannot introduce the Content ID

In the ACE PLAYER HD program I cannot introduce any letter or number in the “Open Ace Stream Conten ID” option

Please, be more specific - are you trying to enter CID manually, symbol by symbol or copy/paste it?

I am trying both, typing the symbols and copy/paste, and none of them works.
Thanks for your help

Can’t see any problems so far - what version of Ace Stream you’re using and under which OS?

Thanks for your answer.

The version is 3.1.74 and I am using windows 10.

You should check Windows Defender logs/quarantine if there any mentions of Ace Stream, and also you may look at/attach to reply to this post Ace Stream log file (located in %APPDATA%\Acestream\engine folder).

The Ace Stream program works properly, If I introduce a correct address (https://xxxxx.m3u8) I haven´t any problem, because the progrma aloww me to type the adrress, however if I try to introduce anything in the “Content ID” option, I have no chance, no typing no pasting from any word aplication.

Thank you very much for your support.

I have the same problem!! Help!!

It is bothering. The typing area doesnt work. No manual type, no paste. It is totally disfunctional. Please help to solve.