cannot load transport file

Hi Everyone,

I am using Ace Stream to watch football matches. It used to work perfectly but from last week I keep getting this error message ‘cannot load transport file’. I turned off all firewalls and installed the latest version. The problem is still there. Can anybody suggest how to resolve the issue?

Thanks a lot

The software version I use is Ace Player HD 2.2.7 (VLC 2.0.5)

Hey !
i’m using ACESTREAM Engine for Android (BETA) to watch Football broadcasts. and it is a Perfect thing.
in the last few days i keep getting error : ‘Cannot load transport file’ and nothing is working since then.
what is the solution for this error ?

Samsung GALAXY S8 PLUS (Andorid 7.0) is my Phone, Using VLC Player.

the error is both on Wi-Fi and on the Cellular Data (4G).

You’re getting this error on every acestream link, or only with the particular one?
In the last case try other source, also you can try our “P2P Search” extension (PC only for the moment) - Stream not playing inside the page anymore but on external player

for the acestream links i’m using P2PTV app on android.

Looks like someone already maked a wrapper around our app for “P2P search” on Android.

And, returning to my initial question - do you have troubles with all channels, or only with some of them?

any video i want to play on any section,
there is that error. so i removed the engine and install it again but i let the notifications stay in the lock screen.

should i let the engine have notifications in the lockscreen always ? cause that’s the only way that it’s working ok.

Not always - only when you want to watch something, then engine must be running in the background.