Can't see video on Firefox and Chrome

Hi all,
I installed ace player, it installed the extensions too (a problem appear after the setup asked me “would you like to test it?” it opened Firefox and make it crash continiusly, then I “restore” firefox and lost all the sessions, big problem. Then I installed the extension manually with xpi file), I can hear audio and I see the CPU load of decoding video but no image, the video window froze simply.

I tried ace player and it works only if I chose Direct3D as output in video, it works with local video files, RTSP and Content ID of Ace streams, s I suppose I have to setup the Direct3D also on extension, but how?
I tried to close and open again Firefox and chrome but the same result, stream opens and I hear audio, but no video.

Thank you

Privet vsem :slight_smile:

another problem, on my computer works, in firefox and chrome, but on other computers I installed the plugin doesn’t work, I think because the Stream magic player can’t find the location of the main Ace stream program. I installed on C: and all the computers had C: root folder.
How to fix it? Where to check the correct path for Stream magic player?
Thank you