Engine and player in different locations

Hi there

I hope this is the right place to place this question… sorry if not.

I wanted to install within my localnetwork the acestrean engine and player in diferent computers.
I guess it is posible but I am not able… Could you pls let me know where I can find documentation or how I could get it working?

Many thx in advance.

You can do this, but make sure that your internal/external IP is static - additional setup like port forwarding may be required in case of home PC and internet router.
If you need access from local network only, then you should check “Media server” settings and make sure that “Local network access” is granted.

If you need “external” access to the Ace Stream engine, then best way to do this - any cheap Linux VPS/VDS and Linux version of Ace Stream engine. Also you can browse docker repository for pre-configured Ace Stream images, and snap packages also available.