Engine on another PC than the Player

Hi there,

new user of Ace Stream for Windows and is working great so far.

I want to run the engine on a different machine on my network. How can I achieve that the local Ace Player is connecting to this other machine? Right now, it always starts the engine locally and I can’t find the option to tell it to connect to a different machine (and to not start the engine locally).

“Ace Player” for Windows using obsolete “engine API” to communicate with Ace Stream server, so you must provide something like “ssh-tunnel” and/or port mapping between local and remote host - to “trick” Ace Player.

But since “engine API” is obsolete nowadays, you should use newer “HTTP API” (see API Reference - Ace Stream DAO or Engine HTTP API - Ace Stream Wiki), which allows you to connect to local or remote Ace Stream engine with any player from different devices/OS (TV, Andoid/iOS, Windows/Linux).

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The solution seems very technical.
Is there an easy way to achieve the same as pasting a content id in the player, something in the Web interface I haven’t noticed? Maybe integrating a playlist there? Because right now, I don’t know how to tackle this myself.

And another question, I don’t see any uploads in thy tray icon, it is just 0.0. I do use a VPN and think it is necessary. So is this ace_engine not able to utilize this connection? If yes, what to do about that.

Lets say, that you have Ace Stream installed and running on PC with IP “” and want to watch something on another device: run VLC player on that device, “Media->Open URL” and paste there

This link will be stored in VLC history. Next time, when you want to watch another stream - find its CID, copy it, run VLC, “Media->Open URL”, locate previous link and paste new CID to it, replacing the old one after “id=”.

Most VPN providers do not welcome P2P traffic, so this is “normal”.

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Thanks for the hint with the Link. Although it is still cumbersome… :wink:

I can’t open ports with them but torrenting works without problems. You seem less concerned, although I thought this p2p element is crucial? Maybe, what I watched so far didn’t need an uploader…

Interesting, now that I am using regular VLC I do see upload activity. Maybe a coincidence.

I now got premium. And I want to understand how the ace stream server works. Can I add ace streams there? Or other stuff and where to find it? Any help would be appreciated.

Also I can not watch two streams simultaneously although my bandwidth is plenty. :cry:

“Ace Stream Media server” on PC - is a P2P proxy with web UI + playlist management. You can add external Ace Stream compatible playlist to it, on create your own playlist, by adding CID manually or via “P2P search” browser addon.
Or you can use any Ace Stream compatible playlist directly with any player, and “Media server” will do any “P2P to HTTP” conversion for you.
Any playlist created within “Ace Stream Media server” will be synced among other Ace Stream devices with same account.

Different streams on one device or same stream on different devices?
In the first case, you should use additional parameter (pid) in url:

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So right now I am using the Ace Stream Server to create a playlist and then I am using this playlist in another program.
But how to add pid there? Sure, I could use VLC and craft everything by hand but that is much to complicated I think.

Yes. In VLC, for example, if you want to use playlist from Media server - “Open URL” and paste there

assuming that “” is IP of Ace Stream host.

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This doesn’t work, even if I change the IP-address. Can you be more specific, how this has to look in my case? If it would work, it could be the solution, having different playlist for different players.

Maybe the name of the playlist is missing?

Did you add something to Media server - how your playlist page looks like? There should be something like attached image.

No, playlist from this link always the same - full Media server playlist.

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You where right, it does work. Now I have to check what I can do with it.

So I use 3 different players now, each get its own playlist (or better a different player id at the end of the same playlist). Still I have problems watching streams simultaneously.
Also some Streams are more crappy than others but that is probably not your business.