Eroor "cannot select dest dir"

eroor “cannot select dest dir”

Device name/model and Android version? Did you grant file/media permission for Ace Stream app?

I am using ace stream application on PC. My PC is HP 15-dw2009nt (3H813EA) WIN11. I gave permissions.

It’s pretty weird. On which stage you’ve got this error - i.e at the program startup, at stream play attempt, in the settings dialog window?

Please, take a screenshot or photo of display with this error and attach it to the reply. Also please open windows explorer and type %appdata% in the address bar and verify how full path looks like (you should see something like “C:\Users\your_login\AppData\Roaming”)

I get this error when stream play attempt.

Check engine settings (right click on Ace Stream icon in the system tray) and set Live/VOD cache to “RAM”.

Full path in %appdata% contains spaces and special symbols (your name) - this is worst case scenario for Ace Stream app.
You may try either to create a new local user with simple name (“user” or “Samet”), install Ace Stream there and check how it work under new account, or move “AceStream” and “.AceStream” folders elsewhere (C:\AceStream) and manually fix all related paths to it in the windows registry.