FireTV stick and Ace Stream ad issue

I have a FireTV 4K Max stick (2nd gen) and the new Ace Stream installed. When I load a channel an ad pops. When it finishes (there is no way to skip it from the remote controller) it remains over the channel and I can’t close it so I can’t watch the channel.

BTW, there are tons of Ace Stream versions (Media, Live TV, Engine, new Ace Stream…). Which is the best Android version for my device? (FireTV stick)

I have tried to install it on a Fire TV and it doesn’t work either, the application doesn’t start, I don’t know if it has to do with the same issue.

Which version?

In my case the application works but the last ad covers all the screen and you can’t skip it or close it. I’m trying the armeabi-v7a architecture (which I assume that’s the one FireTV stick uses).