How do I stream on AcePlayer?

So I have everything I need to be able to stream such as Sky, HDMI and Capture Card, but I don’t know how to create an AcePlayer code to post on forums to allow viewers to watch the stream.

How do I do this?

You can’t use “Ace Player” for this, but you can create a broadcast using “Ace Stream engine”:

  1. Install (Install Windows - Ace Stream Wiki) and run Ace Stream engine;
  2. Right click on the Ace Stream icon in the system tray and select “Broadcasting”;
  3. In the opened browser page fill required fields;
  4. Upon a successful creation you should get a summary page with content ID, which can be used to share your stream with other Ace Stream users - they can play it with Ace Stream player or add to their own playlist.

Pay attention to the “Source” field at the step (3) - “Ace Stream engine” accepts HTTP-stream as source (at this moment HTTP-streams with MPEG-TS encapsulation are supported), so you must create such stream with your “HDMI and Capture Card” (and with additional software, if necessary) and use it as source.

If you have an STB with ethernet port and STB firmware allows to stream channels, then you can use STB address as source (something like “” for Enigma2-powered STB).