How do you login into the AceStream app for Windows via Google

I have a Premium account linked to various Android devices but I can’t figure out how to do it in the Windows version via Google. Is it possible?

If you have any troubles with “login with Google” option, then you should request password reset via Ace Stream - this action will reset your password for “Ace Stream” services only - enter your google address there and wait for email with resetting link. Then you can setup your login (email) and new password in the app settings.

Yeah I thought about resetting my password but then I’ll also have to change it in all my linked devices (which are all of them linked with my Google account). Anyway, where should I fill my username/password. Here?

“Google auth” and “password auth” - two different kind of authentication, so generally you don’t need to change it on devices, where “log in with Google” is used.


Oh, I see. Thanks!