I need help to stream on Acestream

Hi, I was able to stream from VLC.
Now on acestream broadcast, im not able to make it work.
I’m getting only this and its not working:

No Peer and uplaoding:
Bitrate: 1883.728 kbps
Source download speed: 223.98 Kb/s
Connected peers: 0
Upload speed: 0.00 Kb/s

Here is the Config:

Can you provide full screenshot of broadcasting stats upon broadcast creation?
Did you check that your “host:port” ( is accessible from Internet (firewall do not block it) and, if necessary, port forwarding is active from “” to your local IP on PC with Ace Stream?

I’m having a headache with this.

Look, When I stream from VLC it works fine on my ip address
my port forwading is 8080 which work fine with VLC.

When i use 8080 is the broadcast creation, it give me this warning:

404 Not found (/app/stream)

The stats you asked me.
I get this when i used the default port:

If you’re running VLC on 8080 port (as stream source, for example) - than you cannot use same port in the Ace Stream “PORT” settings. You should use default port value and check/create additional port forward for it.

No problems so far - broadcast has been successfully created, and you can share it via “Content ID” with anyone you want.


Thanks a lot man!!!

I solved it!!!

It’s working!!!

I’m removing my ip on the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Benny,
I got another problem.
My Ace Player can’t play m3u8 file. I want to stream from m3u8 file.
One more thing, do you know any software apart from Aceplayer that i can use to stream on acestream?

Thanks in advance

You can use any software which produced MPEG-TS or HSL video as output stream, refer to Intro - DAO Ace Stream for more info.

If this “m3u8 file” is valid live-HLS playlist, then you can use URL to it directly as source upon broadcast creation.
Or you can use VLC as proxy - play “m3u8 file” via
vlc http(s)://url_to_hls-playlist.m3u8 --sout-keep --sout= #std{access=http,mux=ts,mime=“video/mpeg”,dst=}
and use “” as source upon Ace Stream broadcast creation.