I need help to stream on Acestream

Hi, I was able to stream from VLC.
Now on acestream broadcast, im not able to make it work.
I’m getting only this and its not working:

No Peer and uplaoding:
Bitrate: 1883.728 kbps
Source download speed: 223.98 Kb/s
Connected peers: 0
Upload speed: 0.00 Kb/s

Here is the Config:

Can you provide full screenshot of broadcasting stats upon broadcast creation?
Did you check that your “host:port” ( is accessible from Internet (firewall do not block it) and, if necessary, port forwarding is active from “” to your local IP on PC with Ace Stream?

I’m having a headache with this.

Look, When I stream from VLC it works fine on my ip address
my port forwading is 8080 which work fine with VLC.

When i use 8080 is the broadcast creation, it give me this warning:

404 Not found (/app/stream)

The stats you asked me.
I get this when i used the default port:

If you’re running VLC on 8080 port (as stream source, for example) - than you cannot use same port in the Ace Stream “PORT” settings. You should use default port value and check/create additional port forward for it.

No problems so far - broadcast has been successfully created, and you can share it via “Content ID” with anyone you want.


Thanks a lot man!!!

I solved it!!!

It’s working!!!

I’m removing my ip on the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Benny,
I got another problem.
My Ace Player can’t play m3u8 file. I want to stream from m3u8 file.
One more thing, do you know any software apart from Aceplayer that i can use to stream on acestream?

Thanks in advance

You can use any software which produced MPEG-TS or HSL video as output stream, refer to Intro - DAO Ace Stream for more info.

If this “m3u8 file” is valid live-HLS playlist, then you can use URL to it directly as source upon broadcast creation.
Or you can use VLC as proxy - play “m3u8 file” via
vlc http(s)://url_to_hls-playlist.m3u8 --sout-keep --sout= #std{access=http,mux=ts,mime=“video/mpeg”,dst=}
and use “” as source upon Ace Stream broadcast creation.

Hello Benny,
I’m having another problem.

Do you know any VLC alternative software which can broadcast HLS. My elgato HD60 is not detected on VLC or Acestream.

See this tutorial - How to get VLC to show your Video Capture Device - YouTube
Or you can use OBS (see Tutorial: How To Livestream w/ OBS & Elgato HD60 (Powered by @elgatogaming) - YouTube as example).