I want to acces to control pannel again

Hello ,

2 days ago i can have access to site

And create playlist like a control panel but today this website dont work anymore
Can you help me

Thanks in advance

Because “XvcaANrtk2IB” is temporary (one session) password.
Right click on “Ace Stream” icon in the system tray and select “Media Server” or run “Ace Stream Media Server” via shortcut on your desktop, if app was stopped.
Also you can setup your own static password via “acestream.conf” file or command-line (–access-token MYPASS), and then your URL should look like

anytime when Ace Stream engine is running.

My acestream.cong look like this

–access-token MYPASS

But when i try Password with and enter this website address i got 404 not found

Thanks in advance

all keys should start with "--". According to your post, there only one “-”, and after making changes to the .conf file you must restart Ace Stream.
Also value of key must be at new line in the .conf file:


Thanks a lot mate it’s work now

Have a good day