I want to stream with ace please HELP

I want to stream using ace media but really and to be honest i don’t understand how to do it, if somebody can be a good person and teach me will be very good :slight_smile: i can fast learning :slight_smile: thanks a lot

Did you ever created a P2P share (.torrent file) with any of bit-torrent clients?

Ace Stream broadcasting is very alike:

  1. you need a media source. In Ace Stream case - a transport stream (TS), something like http://somehost/stream (“stream” - can contain audio, video, text, etc) - for example, http stream from your IP camera.
  2. you share this TS source with others by creating “.torrent file” (.acelive file in Ace Stream) and uploading its CID (content ID) to our servers. When broadcasting has started, you can share it with others via CID or via .acelive file.
  3. if you want to live-stream with Ace Stream a local file (.avi, .mkv, .mp4, etc) you need to stream it via http://localhost first, using any suitable software like VLC player - then, using http://localhost as source, you can share it with Ace Stream, creating a P2P broadcast.

Fore more info refer to http://wiki.acestream.media/Streaming/en#Common_work_scheme

If you’re using Ace Stream for Windows - you can create a broadcast almost in one click, starting from Ace Stream icon in the tray area and selecting “Broadcast” option.

  1. Thanks for you answer
  2. Yes i made torrent file every week hehe
  3. I don’t understand the first step… i must to have a server to stream with acestream? i want to stream from my pc, with my video capture or videos from my pc if it posible…
  4. What must i to do in this point http://i.imgur.com/CtYgIFf.png
  5. I put this but i don’t if is good or bad http://i.imgur.com/csQmTUq.png
  6. What must i to do in this point http://i.imgur.com/wOMK264.png , posible broadcast using xsplit ?
  7. Thanks a lot for u help
  8. how can i get the content id :)?

Yes, you need a software, which can serve as local stream server. Simplest way to do that - VLC player. Also, if “xsplit” you mentioned above, can stream TS-encapsulated stream via http, then you’re ready to go - just use output stream from xsplit as input for Ace Stream broadcast.

can you explain the steps to stream using vlc please?
and how can i get the id content please

Something like this:

You will get CID automatically, upon a successful broadcast creation.

To prevent confusion and miss steps, you must decide first what you want to achieve:

  • if you want to stream a live video, then you need live media source and “broadcasting” option in the Ace Stream.
  • if you want to share via Ace Stream P2P network prerecorded video file (VOD media), then you need to publish it on any torrent tracker first, and then get a CID of this torrent (via “share to” link, provided by “Magic Player” extension, by playing it in the Ace Player or by adding it to playlist - “mediaserver” option in the Ace Stream).

i want to stream a live video but no vod , i want to use my video card capture…
sorry im trying to understand but look
i did this

  1. http://i.imgur.com/BCzm9lj.png
  2. http://i.imgur.com/pEMkLP4.png

and now what i must to do?

You has set up “http://localhost” as stream source, but do you have an actual streaming-server (VLC at least), which is “streaming” something on 80 port of your “localhost”? If not, then this setting is meaningless.

Ace Stream serve as P2P transport only, so you must deal with proper media sources manually - if you can’t provide an “TS-encapsulated http stream” as source, then Ace Stream is wrong choice, use other software.

i understand that i can be doing wrong the creation of the channel but please explain sorry for disturb you
but what i must to put in source to stream from my video capture in vlc please