Instructions and Advice ( English version )


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Before using the plug-in test its performance in the test player on the plug-in’s home page: TS plug-in

1. The main criteria for quality and smooth playback of video and audio using the TS plug-in

For comfortable playback of video and audio the speed of your Internet connection for the incoming traffic (download) must be higher than the total bitrate of file tracks. Optimal ratio is 1/1.3 (bitrate/download speed). You can check the speed of your connection here.

The second criteria is the speed of video/audio streaming from its source. This source includes all pool participants (peers) who provide you with the video/audio stream, and you in turn become a source of video/audio for other members of the pool.

Information about the number of peers as well as the download and upload speed is displayed when you place the cursor over the plug-in’s icon in the system tray:

DL download speed (kB/s)
UL upload speed (kB/s)
Helping the number of peers

Information for calculating the speed: 1000 kbit/s (kbps) = 125 KByte/s (kB/s) = 7,3 MB/min = 439.5 MB/hour

Example of calculation:

Video: 1744 kbps
Audio 1 : 128 kbps
Audio 2 : 128 kbps

Total bitrate: 2000 kbps = (1744 +128 +128) kbps = 250 KByte/sec (kB/s) = 14.6 MB/min = 879 MB/hour

Result: the value of DL, at 2000 kbps, must be higher than 250

The optimal value of DL is 250 * 1.3 = 325

2. Playback starts after 100% pre-buffering

It means that minimal cache is formed before playback start. It will provide you ability of nonstop playback of streaming video/audio.

Attention! The time of pre-buffering depends only on the speed of your Internet connection and the total upload speed of all peers, not the work of the plug-in!

For example, if you are trying to play video using the torrent-file that will take one day to download with regular torrent-client, then don’t wait for a miracle from the plug-in: the pre-buffering time in such case will be very long.

A large number of peers do not guaranty fast pre-buffering.

For example, if two peers at the beginning provide you with upload speed that exceeds total video bitrate then pre-buffering will take less than one minute. On the other hand, if you are connected to 50 peers but total upload speed from those peers is less than minimal required download speed then pre-buffering will last much longer.

Attention! If pre-buffering lasts more than 1-2 minutes check the download speed (DL) to decide whether it is possible to watch the video using plug-in.

Note: Please, do not spoil your impressions from using our products and watching video online, when you use torrent-file with peers that cannot provide necessary download speed.

3. Playback without delays if download speed is lower than bitrate of the playback file (for version 1.0.4 and above)

Playback will start only when the amount of formed cache and the download speed allow to play the file without interruption for buffering.

This option is the default, but you can disable it from the menu “Options”, unchecking the appropriate menu item: “start with suffcient speed only”.

How everything will happen if the option is enabled?

When you run the file, after pre-buffering, if download speed of the stream (DL) is not enough for continuous playback, it will stop and you’ll see in the information line of the player message and information about the time after which the playback will start without delays. After the specified time, playback starts automatically. Well, if the download speed is optimal for continuous playback of the file, it will start playing and continue without interruption.

Information about the remaining time before the playback starts will be dynamically changed depending on the volume of filling of cache and the download speed. If you notice that somehow time instead of decreasing began to increase, just look at the download speed (DL), because it obviously began to fall. There are two reasons: 1. Peers fell off. 2. You have a problem with Internet connection.

4. Automatic and manual setting of download speed (for version 1.0.4 and above)

In automatic mode, download speed will not exceed the speed of the bitrate with the additional coefficient 1.3 (bitrate*1.3).

These settings can be set via “Options” menu. By default there are no restrictions!

5. Mediafiles, when you watch them online, are automatically downloaded to the directory, which was specified during the installation of the plug-in

By default, the video is downloaded to directory: C:\TorrentStream

6. Set the optimal upload speed

Torrent Stream Plug-in supports the basic concepts of P2P and in its options the setting of determining the upload speed is provided. You can specify maximum upload speed in plug-in’s options. The video is uploaded to other peers while watching and after the watching is finished if you don’t close plug-in from the context menu in the system tray.

Attention! Don’t be greedy and set the maximum upload speed if you have unlimited outbound traffic. The upload speed through TS plug-in doesn’t affect the speed of loading video.

7. You can exit plug-in and change some plug-in’s options (upload speed limit, directory for downloads) from context menu which can be opened by right-clicking plug-in’s icon in the system tray:

8. If you want, you can also use your favorite torrent client to upload video to other peers.

To do this you need to download the torrent-file which you have used for playback and open it in your torrent-client, specifying the directory for uploading the video by selecting the folder, where you saved it after watching the video.

Attention! You DON’T NEED to re-downloaded video/audio file!

9. Plug-in version lower than 1.0.3 does not support “playlist” function (video playback if the torrent-file contains more than one video file)

For example, the entire TV show season can be distributed in one torrent-file. In such case you cannot watch one of the episodes using Torrent Stream Plug-in.

Note: The “playlist” function will be available if you have plug-in version 1.0.3 and above.

10. The plug-in can switch between several audio tracks and show subtitles only if they are included inside media container, such as AVI or MKV.

External audio tracks or subtitles the plug-in will automatically download, but will not play.

11. Basic hot keys (the ability to control the player in the fullscreen mode via keyboard/mouse or remote control; only for version 1.0.4 and above):

Exit fullscreen mode - f, Esc
Play/Pause - Space
Volume up - Ctrl+Up
Volume down - Ctrl+Down
Mute - m

Adjusting the sound in the fullscreen mode can be also performed using mouse wheel.

Opening the player in the fullscreen mode, as well as exit the fullscreen mode can be carried out by double-clicking on the screen of the player.

12. Optimize the work of plug-in

If you don’t have a very powerful computer or the speed of your Internet connection is limited then don’t run more than one player simultaneously. In addition, close all unnecessary browser windows and programs that consume a lot of resources of your computer or internet traffic. These recommendations become even more important if you want to watch high quality video (e.g. 720p or 1080p)

Attention! If you decided to stop downloading or watching video-content then don’t forget to stop downloading by clicking the button «Stop downloading»

Note: Information and recomendations will be added periodically, as far as plug-in’s functional will be extended and more questions from you will be received. You can also contribute your own recommendations in this topic. Therefore, do not forget to view this topic from time to time.