Live Channels alternative for Android box/tablet/phone

Android TV has this app Live Channels. Very convenient way to add playlist from your acestream account (with ace stream media/engine installed) and watch channels like on tv. However Live Channels can not be installed on regular Android (not Android TV OS). Like Android on box, tablet, phone.
Is there an app, Kodi add-on, etc, that would work like Live Channels does, that is automatically ads channels from playlist like a source from acestream account (m3u is not the same, as you have to turn on your media server machine)?

Yes, you can use PVR addons for Kodi (simple IPTV, for example). In the add-on setting set as playlist source host with AceStream engine (you can get it via “Playlist URL” button in the media-server UI) or use any compatible third-party playlist generator/source.

Thank you for the answer. But as i see it, its totally not the same (maybe I did not express myself correctly, but i wrote that m3u is not the case, also meaning “Playlist URL”, as it is just netword m3u playlist). Live Channels does not need media-server. It takes as source AceStream (with AceStream engine/media installed on Android TC) and adds playlist items. When you choose channel it connects to content ID directly as you can see AceStream buffering, seeds and so on. (btw, my Philips Android TV also has as a source AceStream and behaves the same way as Live Channels does). So no media-server PC is needed at all. Just AceStream account and premade playlist. This is very very very usefull, because you dont need to turn on media-server PC for wacthing channels (as would be in case you suggested) and media-server is just needed for auto search IDs. Also, as I understand it, stream is taken directly from id, not through media server, and it should be(?) :slight_smile: faster.
So anyone maybe any other suggestions? Or maybe some one knows if it is possible to install Android TV app on regular Android (not for sure).

This is wrong assumption. Live Channels is using

which act as local media (proxy) server.

On the “regular Android” you can use “regular” Ace Stream app and “premade playlist” in the any compatible player to achieve similar behavior. The only difference - process is less “automated”.
Also you can use any of playlist management/aggregation apps, like LOL TV, TSC, LazyIPTV, etc - with them you’ll get almost identical to Live Channels experience.

“Premade playlist” - do you mean m3u playlist generated or made by hand like #EXTM3U #EXTINF:…ID…#EXTINF…ID…? The “bad” thing with that is that such playlist will be permament, meaning if channels id changes (which happends very often), such playlist is useless. Whereas using LiveChannels I just have to press several buttons to renew ids (I turn on pc for other things and playlist in media-server “auto searches” ids (if I not mistaked here) or I press “sync playlist” then I can turn PC off).

Again, I assume Android Ace Steam does not “create”…/server#proxy-server-playlist or…m3u (like PC media-server). If it does, how can I know exact address?
I mean if Android Ace Steam whould “stream” above addresses you could use playlist locally on like Kodi PVR simple IPTV (without the need of media-server PC).
On the other hand, Ace Steam on Android TV should “stream” something (channels IDs i guess), otherwise LiveChannels could not get those IDs. If I am not wrong here. So maybe there is some way to import IDs/playlist from Android Ace Steam directly?

Thank you for your help.

Yes, you should update such playlist manually or rely on the third-party apps/services - that’s what i mean by “process is less automated”.

Official Android app do not contains web-UI, but you can use (at your own risk) some user mods, and then link like “…/server#proxy-server-playlist” will works.

Ace Stream app on ATV do not “stream”, but announce itself as media source, according to ATV requirements.

Trying to find webui mods, only link in seems to be dead Maybe you know russian better? :slight_smile:

Not dead. You must be a registered user and logged in to download that file.
Alternatively you may try this Telegram channel -

Thank you. AceStream-3.1.30_Py-2.7.14-webui-armv7 works perfect. In Android browser I can see playlist URL and this playlist is played with VLC perfectlly. +