Manage connections to my account

Hello, how could I manage the devices that are connected to my account, I would like to know so I can expel people who have stopped being my friends. Thanks greetings.

Ace Stream do not bind (yet) devices to account, so if you sharing your login/pass with someone - change your password via Ace Stream to keep others from using your credentials.

I already changed my password and the problem is that the person who stole my old password always has it logged in, and my idea is that everyone who is using my email with my old password can be expelled and only those who are using it can now use it. That you have the new password. Ok, if you wish, I can give you my email to which my account is linked and it expels you so that you have to re-enter the password and since you don’t have it, you cannot connect. OK thanks.

This is not possible even if he never stopped/closed AceStream app.