no connection to acestream service

hi guys, sorry if im not suposted to post here or if my problem is already solved in another post but i dont understand russian im portuguese :-, i never had problems with acestream before but lately when im watching live sports, the stream stops after 15 minutes, so every time i need to quit the software so it can play again, and again it stops after 15 minutes, can you guys help me understand why this happens?

We need engine logs - open Ace Stream engine folder (%appdata%\acestream\engine) and locate file “acestream.log”.

Usually this can be caused by third-party antivirus software (like Avast) or you’re lack of space on disk, where Ace Stream cache is located.
Also you may try to flush Ace Stream local profile, by deleting ".AceStream’ folder (with leading dot) on %appdata% path.

i did maked some space on the disk like you said and it worked fine, i just saw a good stream without interruptions, but 100 GB of disk space its not enough? if it happens again i will post the log file, thank you for helping me 8)

it happen again :frowning: could this be ISP blocking? heres the log.