Problem fix lagging 60fps drops 1080p and 720p on windows 7 ultimate sp1 64-bit

Display: 4k 48hz

I used fraps (software)

VLC and windows media player , youtube aren’t problems with 1080 60fps

ACE player hd is problem these fps drops:

38fps (720p 60fps)

30fps (1080p 30fps)

24fps (1080p 60fps) o.0?

Check player setting under “video” (Output) and “Codec” (GPU decoding). Or use any videoplayer you like - AceStream HD is based on VLC, but on pretty old one (2.0.5)


Oh thank you so much! It does works for fullscreen 720p and 1080p 60fps!
Output set default to Windows GDI but don’t show fps in fraps (software) :confused:
Okay :smiley:

Output default is only 30fps without lagging
Output windows GDI is only 60fps without lagging