Problem fixing slows buffering on windows 7

I remember faster buffering on windows 10!

On the same hardware and software setup and on the same content?

We do not offer our software in the different packages for different Windows version, so if you’re observing some “odd” behavior - it’s purely subjective and/or relies on the external factors - (Windows network stack, AV/firewall, seeds/peers amount, etc) - and we can’t help you with them.

Yes, same both. But i first time options 2 days ago link here:

Please how to reset acestream hd options? Because just test faster buffering

What’s first software this release date?

  1. Stop AceStream engine (right click on the “Ace Sream” icon in the system tray area)
  2. Copy/paste to the explorer address bar %appdata% and delete “.ACEStream” folder (yes, with “dot” at the beginning).

Well that’s software not supported on windows 7
I’m disappointed

Thank you for help your replies!