Reocording limit?

Hello to all :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding recording function. Yesterday I have opened ace stream id and then started recording it. I hit record button ~ at midnight, and left the player running until 7 am today. Laptop was running normally, with just display turned off.I set to save recording on Desktop. When I woke up and checked program, I have found out that only ~2h 41min was recorded, which it’s ~ 1,91GB. I was hoping to record tennis game that was supposed to start ~ 3 am so program never reached it anyway. I only remember that stream was still going on, on the timeline there was a yellow/orange bar that filled ~ 1/4 from the end <- don’t know what that was. To finish recording I have clicked Recording button and then stopped the stream by clicking on a square ‘stop’ button.
My question: is there a default time limit for recording or for file size? Should I change something in settings to prevent that in the future?

My hard drive has ~80GB left space,
I have intel i7 with Geforce 970M and fast Samsung M.2 SSD system drive.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

this can be caused by some interruption in the stream translation.
Not sure that we checked this behavior at all - initially “record” function was implemented for ‘VOD’, to decode and store media from encrypted disk cache. With ‘LIVE’ broadcasts there can be some “caveats and pitfalls” =)

almost all Ace Player settings or features are identical to their originals in the VLC player (same version, of course). So if there any ‘time limit’ exist - then it set by VLC team, and you should ask for details on their site/forums - User support and help - VideoLAN
We recommend to try RECORD function with latest VLC player first - may be this issue (if this is really a ‘issue’) already fixed in the recent version.

Thanks for the reply Benny. I will ttry with VLC’s record function and i’ll try to ask them as well.