Skip Internal Tracker Does Not Work

Dear Acestream i love your software but the support is not that good.
So i hope i can get an answer finally.

I use acestream allot but when i use internal tracker with couple external once when the viewer count gets above 1000 people the stream loads slow or not at all it takes ages to connect to streams it just stands there and says connected to 0 streams.
So when i want to use skip internal trackers so the server doesnt get overloaded it does not work at all.
I have --skip-internal-tracker and then --trackers with allot of external once. When i then load the new acefile it doesnt connect at all with the stream so how do i get this to work without using the internal tracker ?.

Plz give me some support because i use ace for all my channels.

You should specify --add-authorized-peers option when internal tracker is disabled. The reason is described here: Streaming/en - Ace Stream Wiki

I allways work with add authorized peers and it still doesnt work :S. So why not i just get 0 streams connected with skip internal tracker and add authorized peers.