Streaming help plz

Hey guys last time i got great help.

So hope you guys can help me out again.

i still use 1.0.6 and this is my stream command in linux

tsengine-stream --name dazsportshd --source http://myip:1234 --bitrate 256000 --destdir /tmp/

Is this the correct bitrate for linux ? i use vlc with 2000kbit various bitrate

Also my second question is how to update to acestream and what the new streamrule will be .

plz help me out

Well i got it running with same bitrate settings but filesilze on tracker says 6gb is this correct ?

And how the hell can i get a content id from acestream in linux ? :S

The html template gives me a player that works without sharing options so no content id.

Your bitrate setting is corrent.

You can install acestream from our Debian/Ubuntu respository, more info you can find here:
Before installing acestream you should remove torrentstream.

All major options for acestream are the same as for torrentstream, so you can start streaming with a command like this:
acestreamengine-stream --name dazsportshd --source http://myip:1234 --bitrate 256000 --destdir /tmp/

You can find more options and some examples on our wiki:

Filesize 6 Gb is ok, it’s a virtual size of file which will be used as a cache for a stream.

Why do you need a content id? It’s better to use direct link to acelive files, as shown in the examples at our wiki.