Test Torrent Stream (ACE Stream) software 2.0. (for Windows) (En)

We invite everybody to test Torrent Stream /ACE Stream 2.0 software.

Release version: direct link Torrent Stream 2.0 Full (Last update 20.11.2012) or download via torrent

Why did we jump to 2.0?

This release is a transitional version of Torrent Stream software to a new brand “ACE Stream”. ACE Stream is a new stage of TS development in which we will try to provide you with additional new and interesting features, when using our products and solutions. And to highlight the transition to this new development stage we decided to indicate this transitional product as version “2.0”.

Main changes

1. Cache data encryption

All played content now is in a cache folder in encrypted form and not available for playing. It provides protection for client applications users from any charges of storing played online content. It also gives ability to content authors to use all potential of BitTorrent, allowing users of Torrent Stream/ACE Stream to enjoy playing licensed content that has limitation for free distribution.

Saving files with a new caching system.

You can save files that don’t have a protection from free distribution.

After playing file “Save” button will appear on the player’s control panel (web player or desktop player).

By clicking it you can save a file anywhere.

Attention! Current software version saves all files with .acemedia extension, therefore they can be played only with players that have ACE Stream technology support (it’s temporarily, for tests, after that, when playing simple torrents, they will be saved in the original format).

  1. A new browser plug-in

This is an absolutely new plug-in’s implementation, so test it very actively.

Context menu is added in the full screen mode in order to change some parameters (audio tracks, subtitles, crop, etc.).

Taking into account users’ wishes, now you can activate play/pause function by a single click on the screen.

  1. . Upgraded Live Stream function (true for a version and higher)

Connections optimization and better coordination of data exchange between peers.

Pre-buffering mode is corrected (for the present, set the value maximum at 5 min).

Ability to use “Pause” mode (for the present, set on pause up to 5 min).

4. Url-scheme

This version supports work of the url-scheme (transport protocol “acestream”). So you can publish link like “acestream:// ID indication” to start playing content in the desktop application/player supporting TS/ACE Stream technology (versions 2.0 and higher).


Link: acestream://5953213c22c304b4f2aab0029a0915fbadca3f8a

Try to start VoD playback with desktop player (TS Player):

<a href="acestream://5953213c22c304b4f2aab0029a0915fbadca3f8a">Watch VoD</a> or
<a href="acestream://4deb586b800c742dec577e5a973612f605b6dcf4">Watch Live</a>

P.S. Our test Live may not work from time to time, because all our channels are overwhelmed very often, especially in evenings.

  1. Bugs elimination

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to prepare normal ChangeLog. We will fix this situation and make a special section/journal on the site with the list of changes, so everybody could see which bugs are detected and fixed, as well as which changes we include into updates.

And now, please, just test this version very well.

Big request to all who had error “10013”. Check this version.

We hope that this version will not cause any problems with installation and will work stable.

Important! If you notice some bugs, please, send us logs, previously zipped into rar/zip archive, at info@torrentstream.net or post them here. When sending the log, please, give us the maximum full description of your actions and what happened. Log files: tsengine (directory: %APPDATA%\TorrentStream\engine), and also npts_plugin and qp2paccess (directory: %APPDATA%\TorrentStream\player).

P.S. Before installing a new version, uninstall the old one (reinstallation instruction ). In this version there is an auto update mode, so after installing you will always have the newest updates for 2.0 branch.

direct link points to 2.0, torrent to 2.0.2

corrected link, sorry!

Dear Torrent Stream users!

If you experience problems while watching live broadcasts please update Torrent Stream software to version or above.
To do this you can close Torrent Stream engine by right clicking on the icon in the system tray and selecting “Exit” from menu and then reload web page.
Or you can restart you computer to ensure that our software will be updated to the latest version.

If you have disabled “auto update” feature while installing, then you should reinstall Torrent Stream software (uninstall current version, then download new version and install it).

Hi I’m new to this forum, can you point me to the international support or where I can download the Source Code in C++? Thanks.

A quick reply in English, German or French would be nice.

P.S.: Your Forum & Wiki is one of the unfriendliest places for non russian speaking people, is this intentional or just to much to ask to at least put some lines at the home page & make the registration easier ?

I dont think here is internatoinal support. This project is writen on python and i dont think that developers will give you source code.

You know that a lot of stuff used is under GPL , the VLC libs so you are obliged to release it.

If you don’t want to support other languages why make English threads.

Please close all down and make a private club of it then.



Yes, i know, in this program used a lot of open souece pieces. But what we, ordinary users, can do?
Administrators here are wery unfrendly not only to english-speaking users.

If any stream is played in acestream that has output Chroma subsampling : 4:2:2 with Ace_Stream VLC_1.1.12.exe installed the viewer will be getting a black screen and Chroma subsampling : 4:4.4 it will just crash

now the latest version vlc modded version Ace_Stream_Media_2.1.7.2.exe vlc 2.0.5 it will play Chroma subsampling : 4:2:2 fine
but with Chroma subsampling output 4.4.4 it will play but sometimes it will crash when you press stop

please can you fix these issues it will be best to remove the 1.1.12 version from the site and update to the latest 2.1 vlc
reason to use subsampling 4.4.4 the stream looks much better


I try to uninstall and reinstall many times but no sucess, Can anybody help me?