Testing ACE Stream Media 3.0 (en)

Dear users, congratulations with a New Year and Christmas!

We invite you to take part in testing a new version Ace Stream Media 3.0

Here is a link for the test version: http://dl.acestream.media/products/acestream3-alpha/win/latest (for Windows).

In version 3.0 new algorithms of Life Stream, with better logic of streams distribution, are implemented.

Attention! Broadcasts launched in a new format (via new protocol) will not be available for earlier versions.

For more convenient tests this test version supports two protocols (the old one to be able to watch current broadcasts and, of course, a new one to watch broadcasts that use a new protocol).

In this version in advanced settings we added additional setting to set the number of open slots for uploading (as in server versions), to reach the optimal ratio (upload speed / the number of open slots / the number of connections) during the tests. Then we will automate everything.

Attention! At this stage of testing do not change these values (leave them by default) and most importantly, do not increase the number of connections or slots, if you have low speed of outgoing Internet channel. For those who have speed of outgoing channel about 100 Mbit /s, you can try to raise the number of open slots up to 30, and the number of connections up to 100.

Our testing page with the broadcast in a new protocol: http://www.acestream.media/test/alpha.php

Little by little we will add links to other test broadcasts, if such will be started on third-party resources. Also we ask broadcasters to take part in testing of this version and, of course, we ask to publish links to broadcasts with a new protocol in this topic.

For broadcasters:

P.S. It is better to launch testing broadcast in HD (up to 8 Mbit/s), on a channel 100 Mbit/s. There is no need to launch additional support nodes, so far use only one source and that’s it. Actually this release of the server engine can’t work properly as a support node (Work with support nodes will be added at the next stage of testing).

Updates on 10.01.2013
Alpha-version 3.0.0-a2 is released.
In this version some bugs are fixed (including an error at multi-torrents) and functional of starting broadcasts on Windows is restored.

The link to download the alpha-version is changed, a new link: http://dl.acestream.media/products/acestream3-alpha/win/latest. The newest alpha-version will be always available at this link.

A page for broadcasters at wiki is updated: http://wiki.acestream.media/AceStream_3.0.0_alpha/en (so far there is not all necessary information, some sections will be updated).

Updates on 15.01.2013
Alpha-version 3.0.0-a5 is released.
A lot of fixes for launching broadcasts on Windows.
Server linux-versions are updated (all information is on wiki: http://wiki.acestream.media/AceStream_3.0.0_alpha/en)

please update whats in version 6 alpha

Brilliant tool, but what are you doing with the adblocking software stopping playback? It’s driving me nuts, especially in v3.09.

I appreciate you want to show ads to create revenue when people are watching streams in their browsers, but why do you have to make the software hunt down all installed adblocking software in all browsers? I have several browsers installed, including one especially for use with Acestream with no adblocking software installed in it, but Acestream works out I’ve got adblocking software installed in my other browsers -the ones I’m not using- and stops playback, even though it’s not affecting your revenue

In short, you’re condemning us to watch other peoples ads, not yours at all (and your ads in the browsers do end up looking like a whores’ boudoir!) :-* v3.09 actually jumps out of the sandbox to work out if the system has any adblocking software installed on the system at all!

Please, can you make it less aggressive in the next iteration? I generally watch streams via the modified VLC player, so none of this is affecting your revenue at all, anyway

All the best for the future with this and hope you see my point, Thanks :slight_smile:

Since many devices nowadays are using ARM chips with Linux based operating systems, it would be really nice if you provide acestream engine for those as well. (Linux.ARMv6,v7)

I have the Raspberry Pi ARMv6 and the Raspberry Pi 2 ARMv7 and sadly at the moment it’s not possible to run acestreamengine there. I’m really hoping for at least the Linux-ARMv7 version, the Raspberry Pi is a very popular device so it would make perfect sense for you to provide a version of acestream for it.

I think personally if ums had ace stream support it could get acestream urls and play it back on the renderer it would be great. This would mean we could get high definition video content.

It would be great if the developer could incorporate this.