To turn iptv ts to m3u8

Hello I want to raise an IPTV premium to acestream hybrid broadcast (hls+p2p). My problem is that it is a format TS and I want spend it to m3u8. Since I can clonar the iptv ts and to turn it in M3U8 and that me works

You should convert (segment) TS stream to HLS playlist/manifest first (, and then create a HLS broadcast -

Also you may try to use AceStream only, but this solution rather complex and unstable:

  1. Create a broadcast using TS source -;
  2. Run other engine copy as client (proxy server), using cid/transport file from step (1) and with stream type set as “HLS”;
  3. Create a HLS broadcast, using as “HLS URL” proxy server from step (2).

So you have to run 3 different “acestreamengine” processes (and ideally - on the different servers) to get an HLS broadcast.