Troubles with P2P search API

I tried to search with this test api key and I can’t open search results

I tried create my api key and I have create one in

But when I try to search again with my api, I get this message:

{"error":"Failed to verify API key"}

What I need to do to verify?

Something is wrong on the your side - this link is working normally (see attach, query result is grouped by channel name).

This is a reseller key, those keys not bound to the search API for the moment.

Maybe you will get results, but no one stream cant open

I think because this is beta api key
I need to activate my api, how to do that?

So what, you can or cannot get results?

Something is wrong on the your side (see attach).

PS Beware, “infohash” and “content ID” is NOT the same thing, so you CANNOT copy/paste “infohash” as “cid” in the “Ace Stream” apps.

What is wrong on my side? I tried on two different PC’s and get same error.
Anyway “content ID” doesnt exist in json search. Only “infohash”.
I only can paste infohash in Ace Player, because this is stream link? Or mybe mot?

May be - user itself? =) Did you try to read first?

Yes. And if you’re understand this, why you keep trying to use “infohash” as “content ID”?

is WRONG! “acestream://” for CID, not for infohash.

If you want CID, then you should get CID from infohash first, using something like

or you can play infohash directly, using (in the player) URL like

In the both cases Ace Stream engine should be running.

You are right! I don’t know that. Thanks.
But this is only for local. I need to get CID from web search, something like:

I hope you can understand me.
Is this possible?

“You need” as “who” - as user, or as developer?
As user you already can use our “P2P search” script within AWE ( in the browser, or use third-party solution, which allows users to search for “P2P media” without Ace Stream (use google to search for such services).
As developer you should put some extra effort to use search API in the current implementation, or just wait until CID also will be included in the search output (this will be done in the future releases).

As developer. I tried to get api for developer but I only found Ace stream.
I have fonud also this link but it say

{"error":"missing method"}

So developer api have this option?
How to get developer api?

Forget about developer key for “Search API” - they don’t exist yet. Use “test_api_key” as key.

I want to get epg in json. I enter this:

but desn’t show me EPG

How to get epg with web search?
And what is time zone for all acestream channels?

RTFM - Search API - Ace Stream Wiki

show_epg (boolean, 0 or 1) - include EPG in the response ([b]this works only when group_by_channels=1[/b])
Note - EPG availability may vary from channel to channel.

We don’t control channels time zone - this completely relies on the broadcaster.