Ace Stream doesn't work on Chromecast Google TV 4K

Hi. Ace Stream and the two previous versions do not work on my two Google Chromecasts with Google TV 4K. It is as if the engine settings are not implemented. I have another Chromecast with Google TV HD and this one works.
Please help. Thanks.

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Please, be more specific, on which stage you’re encountered problems - did you try to install Ace Stream and installation failed, or it’s installed but don’t run or what?

The application installs fine but then it does not work. The engine parameters are not loaded and therefore it does not play content.

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To me happens the same, engine parametres are not loaded. Also, I cannot clean cache, it shows an error message.
Sometimes when I run the app it is showned an error Host Field Required or similar

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Exactly the same happens to me as joicob.

We’re investigating this issue, thank you for report.
If app UI is working, then please - tap “menu” in the upper right corner of screen and select “Report problem” - if you can send report via this form, then we can figure out problem more quickly.

I just did it now. Thanks.

AceStream does not work on android tv. The live tv won’t load, so the app just shows the trailer channel…

If you see “trailer channel” - then app is loaded and running correctly, you can treat “trailers” as proof of it work.
Ace Stream apps do not contains any preinstalled channels or playlists - you should add media content yourself.

Please, i am having problems adding a playlist from Local/Network installation of Acestream to the Android TV Acestream app… They are both on the same network, but I get the error (Insert URL/Local File) when I inserted the Local/Network URL and another error {Internal error, missing body server/api …) when I used an imported local file exported from my Acestream PC

Please, is there anything else possible I can do

Please, be more specific - how URL for looks like and show a fragment of playlist, which you trying to import.

Basically, you don’t need to import playlist manually from one Ace Stream installation to another - use same credentials on both devices and playlist from Ace Stream on PC will be in sync with Ace Stream Live TV automatically.

Thank you for the reply.

Sync doesn’t work which I don’t know why. I signed in on both devices using my Google account but nothing seems to sync. I guess I need premium for this work.

Now, the only thing working is the Search function, My PC and the TV is on the same network and when I click search network, it listed all the channels.

SO, I have been managing it like that.

Yes, not only sync, but “Live TV” app itself without any premium plan is pretty useless.

Oh Thanks!

Please, I’d like to ask, does subscribing for premium gives me access to live TV channels or I’ll still have to source elsewhere for them?

No, premium remove ADs and unblock additional features, but not provide any content. You can you use built-in “P2P search” feature of “Live TV” app for that.

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Okay, Thanks

The latest beta remains the same, it does not work on Google TV 4K Chromecasts. And I am a premium user and it also happens when I am logged in.

The Live TV app does not work - it comes up with a message “source failed: p2p search” and yes I’m premium - it’s often like that…

What do you mean by “beta”? Did you tried latest version from market (was released 18.04.2024)?
According to logs you send earlier - we found nothing so far: app is started normally, without errors, and then was closed - by you or by your system. Are you using some third-party ADs-blocking apps (like adguard) on device or some custom DNS on router, which filter DNS queries to ADs/tracking services?

This is permanent error or you’ve getting such message from time to time, in prime time at evening, for example?
Did you setup “P2P search” in the app setting according to Known channel sources — Ace Stream documentation ?

Sorry, I don’t think it’s beta, I’m referring to version, which is the latest in the Google Play Store. I do not have any AD-blocking app installed and it is the same router configuration with which Ace Stream works normally on other devices. The symptoms are the same as those described by me and the other colleague above. I have reported a problem again from the application.

And I don’t know why this topic is “dirty” with other problems, please this topic is to talk about problems with the Chromecast Google TV 4K.

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