Test Torrent Stream (ACE Stream) software 2.0. (for Ubuntu) (En)

We invite everybody to test Torrent Stream /ACE Stream 2.0 software.

Version 2.0 for Ubuntu 11.10, 12.04 and 12.10:

Full package:

This is a beta-version intended for testing first of all. Release version is planned for the nearest days. Some nonessential changes will be included to release version and also we will try to consider all possible wishes that our users may have during testing.

A new version will be added to our repository with release version.

We fixed some problems with dependencies and added Ubuntu 12.10 to the list of supported OS.

Important: due to transition to a new brand “ACE Stream” we changed names of packages and commands to run from console. New commands to start engine are:

  • acestreamengine-client-console – start engine in console mode (without graphic interface)
  • acestreamengine-client-gtk – start engine using graphic library gtk (on Ubuntu this start method is used by default)
  • acestreamengine-client-wx – start engine using graphic library wx
  • acestreamengine-stream – create broadcast
  • acestreamengine-node – start support node

All commands are started with the same parameters as their analogs from the previous version.

Updated Magic Player:

Google Chrome: http://dl.torrentstream.org/extensions/magicplayer/chrome/1.1.18/magicplayer.crx

Mozilla Firefox: http://dl.torrentstream.org/extensions/magicplayer/firefox/1.1.19/magicplayer.xpi

Opera: http://dl.torrentstream.org/extensions/magicplayer/opera/1.1.19/magicplayer.oex

Why did we jump to 2.0?

This release is a transitional version of Torrent Stream software to a new brand “ACE Stream”. ACE Stream is a new stage of TS development in which we will try to provide you with additional new and interesting features, when using our products and solutions. And to highlight the transition to this new development stage we decided to indicate this transitional product as version “2.0”.

Main changes

1. Cache data encryption

All played content now is in a cache folder in encrypted form and not available for playing. It provides protection for client applications users from any charges of storing played online content. It also gives ability to content authors to use all potential of BitTorrent, allowing users of Torrent Stream/ACE Stream to enjoy playing licensed content that has limitation for free distribution.

Saving files with a new caching system.

You can save files that don’t have a protection from free distribution.

After playing file “Save” button will appear on the player’s control panel (web player or desktop player).

By clicking it you can save a file anywhere.

2. A new browser plug-in

This is an absolutely new plug-in’s implementation, so test it very actively.

Context menu is added in the full screen mode in order to change some parameters (audio tracks, subtitles, crop, etc.).

3. Upgraded Live Stream function (true for a version and higher)

Connections optimization and better coordination of data exchange between peers.

Pre-buffering mode is corrected (for the present, set the value maximum at 5 min).

Ability to use “Pause” mode (for the present, set on pause up to 5 min).

hello im on linux

If i start a stream same and press c+ctrl it will stop ok when i restart the linux and start the stream again
It gives me another channel ID

How do we keep the same ID?

and when i make another stream there is also another hash file witch is playing and also playing over and over again,
is there some cache??

please how do i remove torrent hash from external trackers

as you can see here


here when i restart it make another hash with another torrent going on the server

you can see 2 torrents how do i remove that from the tracker? it seem the old id is still some way connected to it

because when i try and connect when the old channel ID i look at the tracker and the one on the bottom user count goes up
but wont connect to the stream

why does the channel ID just not stay the same!

so please how do i remove the old channel IDs if its going to make news ones it make more torrents on my external tracker

AFAIK you should use the ACEstream as daemon, in background, with command

daemon acestream-client-console

thank you for the reply do you mean like this

daemon acestream-client-console --name streamname --source http://myipsource:1234 --bitrate 179200 --maxclients 40 --publish-dir /var/www/streams --cache-dir /tmp/

and no matter what i do the torrent hash and content id will be the same?

or do i put
daemon acestream-client-console

than this

acestreamengine-stream --name streamname --source http://sourceip:1234 --bitrate 179200 --maxclients 40 --publish-dir /var/www/streams --cache-dir /tmp/

also when the stream is running i need to keep putty open if i close it will close the stream any way round it
i press ctrl and c to stop the stream

  1. AFAIK, you do not need too many options like --name streamname --source http://myipsource:1234 --bitrate 179200 --maxclients 40 --publish-dir /var/www/streams --cache-dir /tmp/
    You need just daemon acestream-client-console
    when you type with ampersand sign at the and -

daemon acestream-client-console &

the process will execute in background, check

ps auxwf |grep acestream

  1. anyway, you can put the line
    daemon acestream-client-console
    in ./etc/rc.local
    and this process would be started in background automatically with serve (workstation) on start up.

thank you ded

1 more issue which cause problems is 100 percent cpu usage it crashing the server and people get viewing problems

i use dreambox as source with vlc 1.115

and this does not play with the vlc modded version that came with acestream

does it add more cpu usage if the source is 50fps
and less with 25fps?

or is it the maxclients at 40 that give high cpu?

A I can see on your htop - ACEstream do not use multi-thread (and than only 1 core used at 100%). Therefore you need cry to developers of ACEstream (I’m - not). The multi-thread SHOULD be used, cozz the 1-core CPU is in yesterday.

ded if the source is 50 fps would that use more acestream cpu?
and 25fps use less?

50 fps? What is? Surveillance with motion detection? Simple movie is approx. 25-29 fps.
Ask the ACE developers.

thank you

Ask the ACE developers?
its why im posting here :slight_smile:

Any chance of an .rpm for Fedora and RHEL users?

what cpu do you guys use with this

can someone tell me what cpu will be needed to have max clients at 40 to get a stable stream?
acestream does not support HT?

come on guys we really need some English support here

i give up with this program tested all sorts of linux OS but sitll 100 percent cpu usage and almost all system ram taken up as people connect 13 max clients even default gives 100 percent cpu

is there a problem with this program with atom cpus?

I have a problem with opening acestreamplayer(2.0.8 r2150) acestream:// -f in a command line under XBMCBuntu (12:10) in desktop modus. the modified vlc player start => stream will not start playing. If i use Chromium browser vlc player start and begin playing the stream. If i use the same command under windows 8 command line (TSplayer) the modified vlc player start => connects => go full screen.
Is this a bug or do i something wrong.

There is no support, even russian…